How To Decide Whether You Need A Ducted Air Conditioner Or A Split System

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Each kind of air conditioning system has its own set of pros and cons. The secret to selecting the right one for you is determining which one suits your needs the best when you consider your lifestyle and budget.

Split System

A split system is devised for cooling one room at a time. A single unit is consequently a more cost-effective option to install, depending on the number of places that will require a unit. The running costs of split units are generally cheaper than ducted systems due to the lower energy consumption. The two most regular mentioned disadvantages of these systems are their restrictions and appearance. The compressor is enormous and must be outside. This can affect the house aesthetically if the unit is installed in a noticeable location. Despite the split system being less costly than a ducted system, it is limited to cooling only one room. If you require air conditioning in more than one room, you either have the option of installing a ducted air conditioning system or buying a split system for every room. You will want to make sure to hire a reputable heating contractor and ac repair services company.

Many people may think that ducted air conditioning is the better option when you’re taking into account the entire house. However, many homeowners opted for split systems due to these advantages:

  • Split systems can be a more cost-effectively choice as you can add on to your system as your budget permits.
  • When one unit is faulty, the other systems continue working, and the repair fees are cheaper.
  • Replacing the units are more economical.
  • Running costs of a split system is lower since they are only used whenever needed.

A great company for repairs is Nortech Inc. They are sure to make the process easy.

Ducted Air Conditioning

A ducted system has many advantages. It can provide cooling options for the entire home via the network of ducts. Aesthetically, ducted air conditioning Caringbah is a much better option since the ducts are discreetly hidden in the walls and only the wall panels are visible. It is a user-friendly option and easily regulated. All you need to do is to set the thermostat at the required temperature to ensure your home is always at the anticipated temperature. You also have the option to choose reverse cycle air conditioning with both heating and cooling features. Another added feature is a zone system that allows you to cool as few or many rooms at a time that you prefer. The ducted air conditioners are more costly to install, but the running costs can be counterbalanced over time. Obtaining the right system from a reputable air conditioning company can help keep the running costs down.

Cooling For The Entire Home

If you require a discreet system to provide cooling for the whole house and your budget permits, then a ducted zone system is undoubtedly your best choice. If you only need air cooling for one room and you don’t mind having compressors located outside your home, then a split system is more suited for you. With either instance, you must ensure that you are purchasing an air conditioner with the appropriate capacity for the space that requires cooling.

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