Easy After School Snacks #AddCoolWhip #Shop

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Easy After School Snacks #AddCoolWhip #Shop | Optimistic Mommy

Is it just me, or is it crazy that it’s already August?!  It seems like every year is going faster and faster.  With it being back to school time, and Riley’s first year of preschool, I wanted to come up with some super easy yummy snacks for after school.  With two main ingredients, Cool Whip and JELL-O Pudding, I made three that are scrumptious and that my daughter loves!  With the versatility of these two ingredients, the possibilities really are endless!

Easy After School Snacks #AddCoolWhip #Shop | Optimistic Mommy

Armed with my $1 off coupon (save $1 when you buy 1 tub of Cool Whip topping – any size – and 2 boxes of JELL-O Pudding Mix, any size – while supplies last), I made our way to our local Walmart store.  Luckily I knew where both products were located, since we buy JELL-O and Cool Whip fairly often.  Once I selected a few boxes of JELL-O and got a big tub of Cool Whip, it was off to home to create some yummies!

Banana Pudding Mini Pie - Easy After School Snacks #AddCoolWhip #Shop | Optimistic Mommy

The first up is the Banana Pudding Mini Pie!  Simply prepare your JELL-O Banana Cream Pudding, put a couple spoonfuls in a mini pie cup, top with a dollop of delicious Cool Whip, and add a slice or two of fresh banana – voila!  A delicious mini banana cream pie!

Black Forest Mini Pie - Easy After School Snacks #AddCoolWhip #Shop | Optimistic Mommy

Do you love chocolate pudding?  How about cherry pie filling?  I know I do!  That’s why I came up with this Black Forest Mini Pie!  Using JELL-O Chocolate Pudding, cherry pie filling, and topping it off with Cool Whip, you have an easy-peasy snack or dessert!  This is the perfect size for me, and it’s small enough for any child to enjoy!

JELL-O Cookies 'n Creme Dip - Easy After School Snacks #AddCoolWhip #Shop | Optimistic Mommy

This third and final after school snack can be made two ways.  You can either make it as a mini pie, or make it into a dip!  This JELL-O OREO Cookies ‘n Creme Dip is delicious with Cool Whip!  For a dip, just pudding some prepared JELL-O OREO Cookies ‘n Creme Pudding in a bowl and add a few dollopws of Cool Whip – you can serve it with chocolate or regular graham crackers.  For a mini pie, put a couple spoonfuls of prepared pudding in a mini pie crust and top it with Cool Whip!  How easy is that?

What were your favorite after school snacks as a kid?

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  1. Such cute ideas for snacks! Thank you so much! #client

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I want those for me!! I could share with the kids, though, I suppose….

  3. I loved chips and salsa. Mexican every afternoon.

  4. We love making little pies like that as well. Cool Whip is a family favorite here.

  5. What fun ideas! We do something quick and easy for an afterschool snack.

  6. Because those are miniature little pies, I HAVE to try them! LOL. My kids and I love love love anything miniature! Thanks for the yummy ideas!

  7. Oh wow it all looks so delicious! My son starts Pre-K tomorrow he would LOVE to come home to something like this!

  8. Ooh, those look awesome. The kids would get such a kick out of tiny pies.

  9. My boys would love snacks like these! I may have to treat them every now and then. I love pudding but don’t eat it nearly enough.

  10. I like the banana pudding mini pie. I really, really like that it’s personal size. We end up throwing out so much if we make a full pie or cake.

  11. Can you say… yummy?! That Oreo one looks like my favorite! Of course the cherries on the Black Forest one looks so good, too… and the banana cream?! It’s so hard to pick!

  12. What a fun snack. I love that they are so easy to make. I think I would want some for myself.

  13. Now those are some snacks my kids could really sink their spoons into! Awesome ideas, thanks for sharing.

  14. These snacks look yummy. Love it. I’ll be making the banana pudding mini pie soon!

  15. Those look yummy! I want to try that dip!

  16. So hungry right now and those snacks look so delicious. I wouldn’t have thought about making those mini pies but those would be fun after school snacks.

  17. Oh YUm! what a simple and fun idea!

  18. These look delicious. What a wonderful after school snack that looks simple to make.

  19. These look so good! I would love to come home to an after school snack like this!

  20. These are so adorable. And tasty too, I bet! I’ll have to whip some of these up for my girls soon!

  21. We love Cool Whip! These after school treats look and sound yummy!

  22. I love recipes with Cool Whip, they are so quick and easy. We make frozen yogurt pie a lot and low fat for my hubby.

  23. YUM! Cool Whip is perfect for after school dipping. I was a big snacker after a long school day

  24. I love having cool whip for easy desserts. I used to love to throw it on pudding for an after school snack growing up.

  25. Oh gosh these look so darn good! I’ve got to make them for the kiddos to celebrate back to school next week!

  26. Cool whip is a great snack enhancer! We love it on strawberries.

  27. I think that I would have to reserve these for special occasions. I try to avoid adding the extra sugar after school:)

  28. We;re cool whip fans in our house! Looks yummy!

  29. I love how you added the Teddy Bears. What an easy after school snack.

  30. These are such great snack ideas! Cool Whip makes all snacks more delicious.

  31. Awesome ideas. We use Cool Whip for so many things.

  32. mini pies?! how cute!! My girls would love to have a snack like this after school but I always give them fruits or veggies. This would be great for a small dessert after dinner though.

  33. Yum, who doesn’t love Cool Whip. My daughter would love the Cookies ‘n Creme Dip with teddy grahams.

  34. my kids would love these recipe ideas. I need to make some before they get out of school.

  35. The banana pudding mini pie looks delicious! I think I’ll whip up some of these for my kids next week.

  36. These all look delicious! I can use all the ideas I can for back to school treats.

  37. James Robert says

    Need to get me a printer and real soon and my kids would be loving seeing their Dad have this waiting for them when they got home from school. I know they all asked for snacks when they walked in the door last year

  38. Mary Karas says

    Cool Whip and Jello were made for each other.

  39. Julie Wood says

    These recipes looks so delicious. I love Banana Cream pie and would like to make the mini one. I think this is a fun recipe to make.

  40. I cant wait to try these this week! Such a cool way to make coming home from school (Esp. the first week) special!

  41. I’m not sure I had a favorite snack as a child but I do think these would be awesome for me! I can see having these at a pie party or something.

  42. I would love these for me lol. Great ideas!!! Thanks for sharing!

  43. amy guillaume linderman says

    my son loves anything and everything banana and he likes helping in the kitchen. i’d like to make the banana snack with him after school

  44. These look like some fun and yummy ideas! I just love chocolate teddy grahams.

  45. shelly peterson says

    What great ideas for snacks for the kiddos for afterschool. My son would love all of them. The Banana Pudding Mini Pie looks really yummy.

  46. Thank you for sharing this yumminess at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. Watch for your feature on Mondayxo

  47. this is so easy and looks yummy too!

  48. Cydnee Knoth says

    Such cute and delicious after school snacks. Yummy! Thank you for joining us at #purebloglove. We enjoy having you every Thursday at 8PM, EST through Sunday night. ~Cydnee

  49. This would be dessert in our house. I love the ideas though! I love those mini pies. Yummy! Thanks for sharing at this weeks party!

  50. I would eat all three of these variations! They are so adorable!

  51. These look so good! A great after school treat. I loved anything salty and crunchy after school.

  52. I love oreo cheesecake, so I’d probably like this too.

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