Easy Home Workouts You Can Do at Home

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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of thousands of people who ordinarily would not exercise have discovered the fantastic changes you can make to your body and your level of fitness through home exercise. There was a time not too long ago where many people thought that the only way to get in shape was to attend a gym, but fortunately, this is no longer the case, and it is commonly accepted and understood that exercising at home can be as high-intensity as a gym or studio workout can be, and many are choosing to exercise at home instead of the gym now. Furthermore, for those of us with social anxiety, exercising at home is a brilliant way to stay in shape without worrying and panicking about social interaction or people judging you and laughing at you.

 There are hundreds of brilliant workouts you can do at home, and here are some easy workouts you can do at home.

Try Yoga at Home

Yoga is an ancient Indian spiritual practice that has taken off hugely in the west over the last few decades. The yoga that we see in North America and Europe is a combination of hatha yoga and western gymnastic practice. The professionals of 889 Yoga review and examine everything about yoga, and when you are looking to start taking up this practice, it is very important to do your research and read reviews. There are many off-shoots of yoga and there are many different ways for you to get involved, so if you are considering taking up yoga then you should decide first and foremost, which is the discipline for you.

You can order yoga DVDs and videos or watch tutorials on video streaming platforms. Often, online video classes are the best for a new yoga practitioner, as you will still be uncertain about how to practice properly, and it is easier to exercise in front of your television and watch a trained instructor teach you and guide you through the motions. If you are already experienced with yoga, then that is not necessary, and you can get started right away. Yoga has many health benefits, mental and physical, that should not be underestimated.

Push-Ups and Sit-Ups

Push-ups and sit-ups are two fantastic exercises that alone can isolate your core and build muscle. Deciding to get involved and start doing daily push-ups and sit-ups may be the best thing that you could ever do, and in combination with other exercises, can seriously make you strong and agile. Push-ups focus on your upper-body and there are many different push-up styles you can incorporate into your workout, with each one focusing and isolating a different muscle group. The internet abounds with push-up challenges and techniques you can adopt; the five-minute hundred push-up challenge is one that has really taken off in recent years and is a very fantastic and great way to get into shape.

Sit-ups isolate your lower body and core and can tone up your muscles and get you into shape. In combination with push-ups, sit-ups can help you move toward a more defined and toned upper-body and can seriously make you feel and look a lot better. These two exercises alone, in a way, are sufficient enough to keep you in shape, as they work the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems and build your core up.

Shadowboxing and Jogging

Shadowboxing and on-the-spot jogging are two fantastic exercises to boost your cardiovascular and pulmonary system. Shadowboxing is an exercise that many people neglect but is a great way to get in shape and a great way to build endurance and stamina. Shadowboxing can be very difficult, and although many do not even consider it an exercise, after twenty minutes of intense non-stop shadow boxing they will surely no longer hold that opinion. Shadowboxing is an easy way to get in shape, it can be a lot of fun, and if you are a boxer or a fighter, is a great way to hone your talent.

Jogging, much like shadow boxing, is an on-the-spot exercise that can build endurance and stamina and work your cardiovascular system. These two exercises are often used as precursors to intense exercise, as a warm-up, or a warm-down.

Now you know a few exercises to get started on at home, there is nothing stopping you! Exercising at home is an absolute must if you do not want to go outside, as, as the saying goes, health is wealth. We should always keep our bodies in tip-top condition!

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