7 Easy Ways for Elderly to Stay in Shape

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Let’s face it – growing old isn’t the best feeling in the world (usually). And one of the most challenging things in every senior’s life is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay active and in shape.

While the mobility of older people is very often limited, and it would be risky to exaggerate with difficult exercises, there are some workouts that are suited for an older body. In this article, we will talk about seven easy ways for the elderly to stay in shape so that their bodies and minds stay healthy and active.

Let’s dive in!

Elderly woman walking with a cane

1. Meditation and Yoga

Yoga isn’t just for young people and soccer moms, oh no! Seniors should reap the benefits of light yoga exercises and stretch their muscles as much as possible. This is the best activity to fight common back problems that elderly people get. While yoga is the cure for your body, it’s also very beneficial to your mind. Since anxiety and stress are the biggest causes of health issues, meditation will help you stay relaxed and have a sharper and clear mind. 

2. Use Every Opportunity to Take a Walk

Don’t underestimate the power of daily walks. The elderly should use every opportunity to be active without exhausting themselves and risking getting hurt (even walking with AFO is good idea). A nice walk to the store or bus station is a great exercise that won’t seem like too much, but that will bring a lot of benefits to your body. Spend as much time as possible outdoors walking, and you’ll notice the change after only a few weeks. An excellent way to remain active is to be outside with grandkids. The youngsters have so much energy, and this can motivate you to be at least half as active as them.

3. Take up a Sport You Like

Who says that seniors can’t do sports? While your physical abilities may be limited, sports can only bring you an improvement of the entire body as well as mind. If you suffer from some difficulties with your back, heart, or any other riskier condition, make sure to talk to your doctor about the best sport, and go for it! The options are limitless – from biking and hiking to golf and swimming – no matter which sport you choose, your body will be thankful. 

4. Mind the Diet!

The reality is that seniors should be mindful of what they eat more than anyone else. Healthy food, less fat, fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, and a lot of water should be the base of your daily diet. The food is one’s fuel that helps the body go through the day. The healthier the food we eat is, the more thankful our bodies will be, especially when we are older (not to mention that the right diet gives more energy that can be used for exercising!). 

5. Aquatic Pilates in Group

This type of exercise has become so popular among the elderly population that there are groups dedicated to seniors only, and the workouts are adjusted to their abilities. This can help a lot with back pain since exercises in water are relaxing for muscles as well as nerves, and they require more strength that improves muscle mass. 

6. Simple (At-Home) Exercises 

If you prefer working out alone, there are plenty of exercises on the internet that are created specifically for seniors, and that aren’t too demanding. These types of training usually include lighter weights and simple workouts for every part of your body. 

7. Laughing! It may seem banal, but laughing does improve both physical and mental health. So, gather your dear friends or have fun with your grandchildren, joking and laughing. You’ll feel 100% better, have a happier and healthier life, and, therefore, staying in shape will be easier! 

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