Edgiest Ways to Transform Your Living Room in Style

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2020 is almost on edge! We all know some of our plans have been affected by the ongoing pandemic threat. But that should not stop us in any way. With the new horizon approaching in 2021, if you are willing to make some significant transformation to your living room, we bring you some of the edgiest ways to help you out.

Living space in any house is where you and your family spend most of their time. Also, a place where all your gatherings generally take place always turns out to be the centre of attention. Designing or redesigning a living area might turn out to be difficult, but there is still a way/ways around. We have curated the best in this article for those looking for the perfect ideas. Right from budget-friendly ways to quite expensive ones, add a wave of fresh air to your living room with these tips. 

Check these top 9 unique ideas to spark a freshness in your living room.

  1. Add a Vintage-Modern touch.

Consider adding a fusion of vintage and modern touch to your living room. Vintage pieces add ancient charm to your room, making it look unique and fresh. Repurposing your vintage items can be a budget-friendly yet creative idea to go with. You can even hang a vintage clock on the wall or use your wooden trunk as a coffee table. You can also consder buying an antique dresser.

  1. Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting your walls with a fresh new colour can make it warm and vibrant. You can choose from a variety of shades and palettes that match up with your decor. If you have never done this before, try playing with the textures and hues to transform your living room style. 

  1. Get along with the Velvet Trend

Ring in the new year with a luxury trend that can complement almost any interior and style. Velvet has been the interior designers’ most trusted since 2018. Not only does it add a royal touch to your living space, but it also adds warmth and luxe textures. 

  1. Add more space with Flexible Furnishings.

Does your living room lack enough space? Replace the old furniture with flexible furnishings to make the maximum use of your small living space. Use a large mirror or bookcase as a room divider. Also, you could use blinds to amp up your living room design. You can also consider poufs or stools to add extra seating, which can also work as a footrest. 

  1. Find the Perfect Coffee Table

Bored of your old coffee table but not finding the one that goes along with your sofa and interiors? Consider the shape, colour, size, and style of your coffee table before you set out to buy one. Give a try to the mix and match options to make it look unique and lively.

  1. Make space for some Indoor Plants.

Are you obsessed with plants? Feel like turning your space into a magical green space? Place your favourite plant next to your sofa or near your living room balcony. It will instantly elevate the aesthetic look of your living room. 

  1. Redesign Your Storage

Stash off the clutter by redesigning your storage with enclosed storage. You can install a buffet or sideboard to declutter the living room. For an elegant touch, consider adding vintage flower vases or place decorative lamps at the corners. Keep a bookshelf centred beset an antique showpiece, and it would appear purposeful in diverse ways. 

  1. Drape your Old Sofa

Can’t change your sofa? Then try this budget-friendly option to change it either way. Consider draping it with a new fresh blanket to instantly give it a unique look. One change and it adds a big difference to your living room space. 

  1. Refresh your Accents and Save your Pocket!

Looking for the best budget-friendly living room ideas – simply refresh your accents. Swap in new couch covers, decorative pillow covers to bring a change to the room. You can use wall stickers or refreshing wallpapers and unfold your new rug. 

Sometimes, small changes can add a big difference, when planned carefully! Hope these fantastic living room ideas help you transform your living room into a beautiful place to enjoy.

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