Eight Unusual Ways To Make Use Of Technology

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Why do we use technology regularly? Or, more importantly, why are we utilizing it? Technology has always been a great tool, providing us entertainment and learning in the form of computers and mobile phones. We surround ourselves with technology that streamlines and improves our professional and personal lives without even knowing it. Tech such as positioning sensors, GPS, tablets, and other innovative devices are paving the way for context-sensitive applications that provide us with assistance whenever and wherever we need.

That said, beyond the business and practical utilization of technology lies its unique but cool use-cases. These unusual ways are interesting, boundary-pushing, and weird in a way that they make a big difference in our everyday lives. Listed below are eight ways the world is using technology in exciting ways.

Mapping Internal Organs During Surgery

Little did you know that you can make use of your iPad to do anything these days, ranging from viewing images, surfing the internet to attending virtual business conferences online. However, did you know that iPads might soon pop up in the OR?

Not too long ago, a team of surgeons in Germany performed surgery using an iPad and AR. They overlayed the pre-operation plan over the patient’s body to improve incisions’ accuracy to avoid any complications. But, we are warning you. Googling this story will reveal not-so stomach-friendly images. So, do it at your own risk!

Ghost Hunting Made Easy

Ghost hunters, in their efforts to prove the presence of the paranormal, also rely on technology. They use equipment that records and logs images and videos or decodes weird noises. However, although ghost hunters utilize tech to provide proof of manifestation, their results also uncover alternate, realistic explanations most of the time.

Anything from EVP meters to EMF detectors can deduct whether a ghost is lurking in the corner or just rats causing a nuisance. You can visit www.spiritshack.co.uk/ if you are interested in buying ghost hunting equipment and conducting a ghost hunt of your own. But beware, ghost hunting in real life is not like what you saw in Ghostbusters. There is a chance you might come in contact with a real-life ghost!

Fast Food Made Even Faster

While we are talking about the human stomach, several companies are now using aerial drones to deliver food to customers. In fact, YO!Sushi!, a restaurant chain in England, is known for its innovative and exciting incorporation of technology into its service.

They are now delivering burgers to hungry customers by placing them on top of drones and flying them to their location. We expect this flying food trend to make it to other restaurants and fast food chains pretty soon. Flying BigMac, anyone?!

Farming On The Cloud

The agriculture industry is embracing technology faster than any industry out there. Farmers and agriculturists alike are now using mobile tech to record and analyze crop data. They are using mobile applications to track any changes in the weather and soil to prevent crop-related diseases.

They are also utilizing technology to monitor equipment usage and reduce farming costs, making crop production easier and increasing crop yield tenfold.

Education Through Gaming

The education industry was the first one to adopt technology, especially for teaching purposes. When you were little, you probably played with mind-engaging toys. These days, however, many applications and games incorporate learning through technology usage while also keeping children engaged and entertained.

These games include puzzle-solving, brainteasers, to outright solving math problems. For example, Buzzmath is a game in which players, typically students from 3rd to 8th grade, can participate in over 10000 math problem-solving activities through various characters.

Games not only help students polish their hard skills, but they also hone their soft skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, and decision-making. According to a study, video games affect a student’s creativity more positively than traditional lecture-based learning.

Use Of Prosthetics

For individuals who’ve lost their upper limbs, myoelectric prosthesis offers them a functional and natural appearing solution. Prosthetic hands and arms, combined with electronic components, are the closest way to mimic motion and human autonomy. Thanks to the evolution of technology, now we have prosthetics that can bend, move, stretch in ways that only an actual human limb can do.

With the help of myoelectrical prosthetics, you can move your artificial limbs through electrical signals from your brain. There’s no need for you to push a button to move your limb in a particular direction. These prosthetic limbs contain sensors that detect your residual limb’s electrical signals whenever you try to move them. The sensors then relay this information to multiple electric motors, which then move your joints accordingly. It is a technological marvel when you think of it as you cannot grow your limbs back once amputated.

Holograms Performing Live concerts

Technology has evolved to such an extent where we can bring the dead back to life for special occasions. Of course, we aren’t talking about a virus that turns people into zombies. It is real life, not a plot out of the Resident Evil movie franchise. We can do it more subtly through holographic projections.

Holograms provide concert-goers a look at their favorite artists years after they have been dead. Besides bringing dead artists back to life, holographic concerts allow living and breathing artists to appear at numerous locations live. Plus, every version of their hologram can perform different songs while being present in other places simultaneously. It is a perfect way to bring old-school music and artists in front of the new generations.

Wearable Tech

Wearable tech has been around for ages now, be it wearable calculators or smartwatches. However, nowadays, wearable tech has outgrown its clunky and useless nature. Google Glass is the perfect example of how wearable tech impacts our professional and personal lives.

For instance, the NFL team St. Louis Rams was the first to test the Google Glass on the playing field. Both receiver Tavon Austin and quarterback Sam Bradford had Google Glass on while they ran plays. The Google Glass recorded their entire game through a first-person’s view and other essential metrics regarding it. It allowed them to perfect their routines and practice to perform well in the upcoming football season.


As technology constantly evolves at the speed of light, so will its use cases. There are unlimited possibilities in every industry or market when talking about technological evolution. New, innovative devices are popping up every day, and if we do not pay attention, we will miss out on some of the most unusual technological advancements of the year.

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