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Recycle-A-Cup Review | Optimistic Mommy

There is a pretty good chance that you, or someone you are close to, owns a single serve brewer, such a sa Keurig. We do. Our Keurig comes in handy because my husband loves coffee, but I’m more of a green tea or Brew-Over-Ice kinda girl. We get to have whatever beverage we like without wasting a whole pot of coffee or tea. But did you know that over 16 million households own a single serve brewer, and that results in over 2.8 BILLION cubic feet of waste going to our landfills each year? That’s pretty crazy to think about, huh? I have been trying to be better to our environment by recyling more, but never thought about all those single serve cups we throw away each week. That was, until I was introduced to Recyle A Cup!

Before I get into what Recycle A Cup is/does, let me show you a break down of one of those single serve K-Cups:

Anatomy of a K-Cup | Optimistic Mommy

Since a K-Cup is made up of a combination of aluminum, organic material (the coffee grounds), a paper filter and plastic, you cannot just easily put your used one in your recycling bin. You have to break down the components. That’s where Recycle A Cup comes in! In just a few easy steps you can break down your own K-Cups.

How Recycle A Cup Works To Break Down K-Cups | Optimistic Mommy

As you can see in the collage I made above, there’s just a few easy steps:

  1. Place the used K-Cup into the holder of the Recycle A Cup. Make sure to align the puncture hole at the bottom of the K-Cu pwith the alignment pin. Place the lid onto holder.
  2. Press both buttons on the side to puncture K-Cup and, keeping buttons pressed, turn the lid 1-2 times completely around the K-Cup.
  3. Release both buttons and remove the lid and upper part of the K-Cup. Push your finger into the hole at the bottom of Recycle A Cup to remove the K-Cup plastic body.

Now you can either recycle, compost or reuse the K-Cup for fun crafts. The little booklet that comes with Recycle A Cup has some fun ideas, like using it to organize earrings, jell-o shots and more!

How much is Recycle A Cup, you may ask? Since you are such a wonderful reader, you get a great special discount! Now through September 1, 2014 when you use promo code 7kxyy5 you will get Recycle A Cup for just $9.99 (retail value of $14.99) and FREE shipping when you order through RecycleACup.com! You cannot beat this great deal for something that makes our world just a little better.

Do you have a machine that uses K-Cups?
Could you use Recycle A Cup to help eliminate waste?

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  1. That’s such an awesome idea. I love how it helps to reduce waste. My hubby could use this.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I think that is a brilliant idea! I should really invest in one of those.

  3. This is a great idea. The world is so full of garbage from us humans, anything we can do to lessen it is a major plus. Love the planet, I always say.

  4. That is a very cool feature to help break down the cup so you can recycle it! I need to tell my sister! She has a Keurig.

  5. That’s a really neat product! I need to do better with recycling in our house, we’ve always just thrown our K Cups away

  6. This is a must-have item, I can’t even begin to guess how many K-Cups I’ve thrown out, even everyones! Gah! Getting one of these!

  7. We actually use these and it’s so much better for the earth. Plus you can fill with whatever gourmet coffee you like the best. It’s also much more affordable for those who drink a lot of coffee.

  8. What a great idea! We use a lot of K-cups and I’d love to do something with them other than throw them out.

  9. This is so interesting! What a great product. Anything to help the environment is good!

  10. I’m always happy to see companies doing something good for the environment. Why make something that has to be thrown away, when you can make something that can be recycled into another product?

  11. That’s really neat. I go through tons of k-cups. It’s nice to know there is an option.

  12. This is pretty neat. I love my Keurig but I hate the waste it creates. This is a good solution.

  13. I love my Keurig, although we mostly use the re-usable filter with our own coffee. But, this is a great item to have on hand for minimizing what goes into the landfill.

  14. I love Keurig but hate the waste of the cups. This is a great alternative and I like you can make Jello-Shots.

  15. this would save me so much money, I will have to get one for myself.

  16. THAT’S AWESOME! One of the reasons I haven’t purchased a Keurig is due to the waste. Now I think I can actually seriously get one (I’ve been dreaming!)

  17. This is a fantastic product idea! It also makes it easier to create all those Pinterest K-Cups Crafts we see!

  18. I always felt bad throwing out k cups. I am glad there is a product to help the process now.

  19. Ann Bacciaglia says

    Great product. I do not have a k cup machine but I have quite a few friends that do. I will share this information with them.

  20. I have been wanting to try this! It is such a great idea and will definitely look into getting one! Thanks for sharing where to find it! 🙂

  21. What an awesome way to give back to the earth! I would totally use Recycle A Cup to help eliminate waste!

  22. What a great idea. I never thought of recycling or re-using these.

  23. We have a couple of Keurigs at our house. I would love to try these out, anything to help save the planet!

  24. Great idea! So glad you shared.

  25. We all need to be cognizant of our waste and decrease our footprints. This reusable cup looks great. Which is good timing for me I think our current cup is on it’s last legs

  26. This is such a smart idea. I love when companies recognize a way to cut back on waste!

  27. What a brilliant idea! I have K-cups too, I am all about reuse and recycling.

  28. Kudos to Keurig for coming out with such a great idea. Now we can enjoy coffee and be eco friendly.

  29. These are really great–I didn’t know they made cups like these.

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