Emergency Car Door Unlocking: 04 Proven Methods

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If you own a car, sometimes it can happen that the car door is not opening. Or you are in haste or have something important to do, and you will get panicked easily at that time. So you need to know the emergency car door unlocking systems.

Emergency car door unlocking is not an easy deal unless you do not know how to do it. So it is for your assistance that you should know the processes.

Today we have elaborated some easy but fruitful methods of unlocking a locked car door in case of an emergency. So after reading this you can apply it when you face the issue.

4 Effective Ways of Emergency Car Door Unlocking

The unlocking procedure depends on the vehicle you use. If you use a vehicle that has a manual lock system, it can be easier. In some cases, your automobile may have an alarm system for additional security. In that case, strangers may think that you are trying to theft the car.

So, convince them and try to make sure that you are not getting into any more trouble. Let’s see some of the easiest methods of emergency car door unlocking.

Method 1: Use a Slim Jim

Slim Jim is used to opening locks. Practice opening locks using slim jim. Generally, the lock of the driver’s door is more hard and complex. So it is better to apply this technique to the passage door because the passage door has fewer wires.

Now slowly insert the specially cut side of the metal strip through the weather stripping. Then use the hook to catch the locking mechanism. The locking mechanism is under the locking pin. Next, when the slim jim grabs the lock firmly, pull it outside. And the lock will be disengaged.

Method 2: Enter Through the Backside Trunk

If your automobile’s lock system is manual, you can apply this method. Most of the cars have a trunk at the backside. Generally, in many cars, manual locks lock only the doors. But that does not close the trunk behind. That means the trunk is still open. Or you can open it using another key.

Let’s get into the car. Now try to push the rear seats in the forward direction so that there is enough place to enter for you. Now unlock the doors manually.

Method 3: Wedge Tool

If you have automatic locks in your car, you are lucky! You can use a wedge for opening the locked gate. Modern cars have automatic locks. And it is merely impossible to open the lock using a slim jim. So the best option to unlock automatic locks is using a wedge tool.

At first, take a plastic strap and make a slight gap between the door and car. Then use the wedge. Slide it between the door and car. Push it slowly so that the rubber strap is not damaged. Then put another big wedge between the car and door in the same manner. Now straighten a hanger. Make a hook at the end of this stick.

Then put it inside the car through the gap made by wedges. Then hook the handle and open the lock.  You can use any piece of wood that has a sharp edge and a thick side. Be careful while applying this method. There is a high possibility of damaging weather stripping.

Method 4: Call an Emergency Locksmith

There is always an option for you. You can call an emergency locksmith. They know how to unlock the car door better than anybody. They can do it fast in a safe way without damaging anything. But the cost depends on the time, your location, and the type of lock problem you are facing.

But they have expertise in doing this. And the safety of your car worth this cost. For example, Serrurier Bruxelles knows your urgency very well. Their experts will be there for you, always at anywhere, anytime. And they do open the locked door for you in time and do not cost more than it should be.

Tips For You

Try to avoid this kind of occurred situations. Always keep a spare key in your pocket or purse. Or you can also attach an extra key using a magnet with the metal body of the car. But make sure that it is not risky.

Always try to remember the year of production, maker, and the model of your car for getting any further help. If you need to unlock the locked car door in case of an emergency, you can use a slim Jim or wedge. But the best thing to do is calling a locksmith.

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