Emergency Room Travel Nurse Ideas

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Emergency room travel nurses are one of the highest-paid nurses. Since the role of ER travel nurse requires skills and critical thinking to be able to perform their duties and responsibilities. Here are some emergency room travel nurse ideas that can help you know more about ER travel nurses. If you are a nurse, and you are looking for an opportunity to broaden yourcareer,r this might be for you.

ER Nurse

What Is An ER Travel Nurse?

ER Travel nurses are those who are assigned to emergency rooms to assist patients who need immediate attention. ER travel nurses were in demand even before the pandemic season but have continued to increase during this pandemic season. ER nurses in areas are not enough that’s why ER travel nurses are being hired to give solutions to the shortage of ER nurses.

Advantages Of Being An Er Travel Nurse

Higher Pay

Travel nurses get a higher rate compared with regular nurses. An ER travel nurse can earn an average of $2,959 to $8,929 a week. The rate may depend on their assignment area. Some areas pay higher, that’s why travel nurses prefer to be assigned to areas where they can get aid more. Apart from their basic pay they can even get differential rates just in case their shifts are at night. Other bonuses, such as a referral bonus if they can refer a qualified nurse to join their travel nurse agency and a performance bonus if they are able to go the extra mile during their assignment.

Schedule Flexibility

The best thing about being an ER travel nurse is getting a break every time you need it. Assignments can last 8 weeks to 26 weeks. After the assignment, an ER travel nurse can decline assignments given if she wants time to relax or for a vacation. She can then resume once she feels that she is ready for another assignment. This setup is not possible when you are a regular nurse, since you are committed to your job and have to be able to follow the daily schedule given to you. But for ER travel, nurses can opt to rest if they want to.

Work and Pleasure Balance

People often want to be able to balance work and pleasure, but, due to their hectic schedule, it is impossible to make it happen. By being an ER travel nurse despite how hectic your schedule is on your assignments. You will be able to get the time to take a break and have a short vacation at your destination. You can be able to travel to different places without sacrificing your career. You can even request to be assigned to the place you love the most and be able to enjoy your tour in that area during your assignment.

Gain More Experience

In each profession, experience is important. As a nurse, getting more experience can be s since this can make you stand out from the rest. By getting short assignments to several medical facilities, you will be exposed to different management and be able to learn new ways as well as enhance the skills you have as you perform your duties in different situations. Get all the experience you need, so, just in case you want to settle into regular employment, this will help you get the position you are after.

The Roles of ER travel nurses

Assist Patients In Critical Situations

Since they are assigned to an area where immediate action is needed. ER travel nurses should be alert enough to assist patients who need immediate attention. All the patients who are in the ER department require assistance and ER nurses should be able to perform skilled enough to handle patients with trauma.

Flexible and Critical Thinker

Patients in the ER are in a traumatized condition or stressful situation. An ER nurse should be knowledgeable enough and flexible enough to do what is needed in their patient’s situation. Critical thinking is important if you are an ER travel nurse since you have to determine who among your patients needs urgent attention, since all of them are in bad shape and need to be attended to. Be wise enough to choose whom to prioritize.

Now that you have read about emergency room travel nurse ideas, then you can now get qualified to become one or, if you think you can do the role, then start applying with the nearest travel nurse agency.

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