English Saddle Pads: A Quick Guide

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English saddle pads are an essential piece of gear for the health of the horse as well as the health of the saddle that a rider is using. These pads are placed on the horse’s back underneath the saddle. These are a great piece of gear that actually look pretty good while also serving a very important purpose for both horse and rider. There are plenty of options when it comes to finding one of these that you love the look and feel of, all without sacrificing any quality at all!

So What Does an English Saddle Pad Do?

English saddle pads are used specifically to absorb the sweat from a horse, particularly on the back. This helps wick the moisture from the horse, but it also drastically helps to keep the saddle dry and clean. This allows that very important piece of equipment to remain clean and in good working order.

There are multiple options when it comes to these pads. Also sometimes referred to as dressage saddle pads, these come in multiple styles as well as being made from many different types of materials. Cotton is a popular fabric because of how easily and naturally, it tends to absorb water. However, cotton is not the only option. There are plenty of these pads that are also made from fleece, and there are multiple pads that go with some type of a blend.

Different Shapes & Sizes

Many people are a bit surprised at first when they find out just how big of a variety there are when it comes to English saddle pads. But horses come in multiple shapes and sizes, and some people like their pads to be fairly contained underneath the saddle while there are other individuals who prefer them to come out the sides a bit. 

It’s also worth mentioning that the English style of saddle pads will also come in different specific styles based on the type of saddle being used or type of riding you are focusing on. Dressage saddle pads are one clear example of that while other riders will be looking for something more specific like all-purpose or the almost as popular close contact. 

In other words, there are plenty of options for finding the perfect pad for you and your horse all based on the type of riding you want to do, the style you prefer to see, and the material that you prefer.

Top Brands

As with anything, there are certain types of brands that do better than others in producing absolutely premium pieces of gear. Big names in the English saddle pad business include Equine Couture, Roma, or Back on Track. These are very widely known and trusted names, and if you go with one of them, you are going with a name that is likely to deliver fully. After all, there is a reason they have become some of the most widely known and trusted names in the market.

Having an English saddle pad is important for both your horse and your saddle, and is a piece of gear that may seem simple, but it really does good work.

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