Enjoy Your Swimming in Any Season with Solar Pool Heating

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When most people build a swimming pool, they want to enjoy using it all year round. But this is not always the case. In the cold weather, most people abandon swimming due to the high pool heating costs. They end up using the pool for 4-5 months only throughout the year.

What if there was an affordable way to swim in any season hot or cold?

With a solar pool heater, you can swim anytime you want without having to worry about the cost of heating the pool. Solar pool heating is both cost-effective and efficient as compared to other pool heating methods.

How Do Solar Pool Heaters Work? 

Solar pool heating involves the use of solar panels to heat your swimming pool. The solar panels are usually placed on the rooftops where they convert sunlight to solar energy then to electrical power. Apart from the panels, the solar pool heating system consists of a solar collector, pump, filter, and a flow control valve. These 4 components work together as a whole to create an automated system that heats your pool.

Using the pump, water from the pool is pumped through the filter where tiny particles are removed. The water then goes through the solar collector where it is heated and flows back to the swimming pool. In the hot seasons, you can also use the collectors to cool the swimming pool by circulating the water through them at night.

Solar pool heaters are of many different types. The type you choose will depend on the size, intended purpose, cost, location, and type of your pool among other things. Fortunately, the pool heating company is there to make sure that you find the pool heating system suited for your needs. Below are some of the options you can choose from:

  • Evacuated Tube Collectors

These are the most expensive and the most efficient solar pool heaters in comparison to the others. ETCs are suited for areas that experience extremely low temperatures. They are also suitable for large indoor swimming pools.

ETC systems have vacuum tubes which absorb heat directly from the sun. This heat is then transmitted to an antifreeze solution and transferred to the swimming pool through a heat exchanger.

  • Flat Plate Collectors

Flat plate collectors are made up of black aluminum or copper sheets with copper tubes that carry the water across the plates to be heated. The systems are available in both glazed and unglazed flat plate collectors. Glazed units are best for indoor pools whereas unglazed are best for outdoor pools.

  • Polymer Systems

Polymer Systems are made from different types of materials such as plastic, rubber, PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, and polystyrene. They are mainly designed to heat small above-ground pools. However, some models can also be used to heat large in-ground swimming pools.

  • Integral Collector Storage (ICS)

Also referred to as “batch” heaters, ICS systems have a design similar to that of flat plate systems. They are also the most common DIY (Do It Yourself) solar pool heating systems because they are easy to construct.

Why use Solar Pool Heating Systems

There are several reasons as to why you should use solar pool heaters to heat your swimming pool. These are:

  1. Affordability

Most people are deceived by the purchase and installation costs of solar systems. However, these costs are nothing as compared to electricity bills incurred to heat your pool. With solar pool heating systems, you just have to bear with the purchase and installation cost which is done only once. After that, the sun is free. Also, many people have embraced the use of solar energy resulting in a dramatic reduction in solar systems prices.

  1. Solar pool Heaters are Environmental Friendly

Solar pool heaters do not produce any toxic emissions to the environment. This is unlike propane and natural gas heaters which depend on fossil fuels to heat your pool. The use of solar pool heaters reduces the accumulation of both nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere slowing down global warming as a result.

  1. Solar Pool Heaters are Easy to Install and Maintain

With proper maintenance, solar pool heaters can last for 10 to 20 years. Maintaining them boils down to checking the filters, maintaining the pool’s pH, sanitizing the pool and keeping the glazed collectors clean.

Due to their simple designs, solar pool heaters are also easy to install. With just a few tools such as an impact driver, caulk, pliers, hammer, and a measuring tape among others – you can install a solar pool heater all by yourself. You will also need two or three people to help you with the heavy lifting. This reduces the initial installation costs as compared to the traditional pool heaters – which would require you to hire a plumber to help you with the installation.

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