Entertainment Autonomy

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Before the advent and democratization of the internet, consumers were at the mercy of entertainment companies. Meaning, if consumers sought after entertainment, it was likely tailored for everyone as opposed to individualized offerings. When the first television channels reached the public, everyone had access to the same small number of offerings. With this said, cable and satellite companies eventually entered the fray and finally allowed consumers to create individual packages. The music and film industries have seen a similar form of evolution over the past decade. Consumers can choose artists or select films that interest them and only interact with these choices. For television and film producers like Heather Parry, this has undoubtedly changed the entertainment landscape and how professionals approach this industry moving forward.

Moving Away From Tradition

Television, in particular, is probably undergoing the most significant transformation with companies such as Netflix and Hulu taking over. Consumers of music have already embraced streaming services for the most part, and this appears to be a long-lasting solution. In the television space, these cable and satellite companies are fortunately able to bundle traditional television packages with internet service still. However, as more streaming options appear in the marketplace, likely, these bundles will eventually be eliminated.

Since consumers can access favorite shows on any screen nowadays, the format of traditional television will have to evolve with the times. These organizations have been successful in the past with this model, but the clock is ticking on its current format. The television space must become more dynamic and should use tools such as machine learning to learn the tastes of consumers. With billions of people online at any given time, providing a blanket offer to any consumer base at this point is potentially a recipe for disaster.

Speeding Up Entertainment

Likely, you have not watched television in the traditional sense in quite some time. For those that remember, navigating the menus and accessing content can feel clunky and outdated. With 5G technology around the corner in the United States, consumers are looking to access content quickly and reliably. Increasing the speed of deliverance is desirable, but the accompanying software will have to be adequately optimized. The attention span of the average consumer continues to shrink by the second, and these companies must do everything to capture the attention of people. In an increasingly autonomous world, the entertainment industry still has a long way to go.

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