Essential Oils and Their Uses

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Essentials oils are all the “rage” anymore. I’ve decided to share some of the most popular ones and some of the uses for them. There are so many available and so many uses for them, though, so this is just a short list! My favorites included lavender, which helps me sleep, and peppermint to add some pep to my step during the day.

Essential Oils and Their UsesDISCLAIMER: This post has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. This does not replace personal judgment or medical treatment when indiacted, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please always talk to your physician about the use of these or other complimentary modalities.

Basil – Mental alertness
Black Pepper – Antioxidant, Healthy Circulation
Cedarwood – Insect Repellant, Emotional Support
Cinnamon Bark – Oral Health, Supports Metabolic Function, Cleaning
Eucalyptus – Skin, Cleansing, Supporting Healthy Respiration
Frankincense – Emotional Health, Supports Healthy Cellular Health
Grapefruit – Alertness, Healthy Metabolism
Jasmine – Balanced Mood, Skin Health
Lavendar – Calming, Skin Health
Lemon – Energy, Cleaning, Respiratory Support
Tea Tree/Melaleuca – Healthy Immune Function, Cleansing
Orange – Purifying, Emotional Balance
Peppermint – Cooling, Digestive and Respiratory Function, Energy
Rose – Skin Health and Complexion, Emotional Balance
Tangerine – Healthy Immune System, Cooking
Wintergreen – Soothing Muscles and Joints, Emotional Support
Ylang Ylang – Calming, Promoting Healthy Hair and Skin

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