Supercharge Your Service – 5 Essential Steps to Perfecting Your Customer Service Strategy

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Many things make a business successful and sales is near the top of the list. However, to get business and make money, you have to ensure all the other elements are in harmony, as well. One of those is customer service. Nowadays, customer service strategies and standards have changed almost entirely. Clients expect more from companies, and those that are unable to keep up will be left behind. Companies like are a great example to follow, helping businesses improve their customer experience through the latest technologies. Do you have the best customer service strategy? If not, read on and find out how to supercharge your service for the benefit of your bottom line.

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Invest in Technology

Technology is evolving at a fast pace, with each new development a chance to improve a company’s processes. Take wholesale Broadsoft-hosted PBX provider, for example. This phone system gives you full access to your company phone number from any platform, anywhere in the world.

You can answer your company phone while you’re sunning yourself on a tropical island, or from the middle of your office. You can also enjoy an all-inclusive video and chat service.

If you don’t take advantage of upgrades and advancements, your company can fall behind, and customer service can suffer. Stay ahead of the curve and reap the rewards.

Hire the Right Team

Did you know that businesses lost over $75 billion in 2017 due to poor customer service? While technology can play a part in a dismal performance, your staff can as well. You need a particular type of team to work in customer service – the peacekeepers and those who keep a cool head.

Customer service workers have to be bomb diffusers, people who can multitask, put out fires, and solve problems. If they aren’t, you’re in trouble. All it takes is one bad experience for a single customer, and you lose their entire circle of friends.

Set Goals

If customer service is a significant part of your business, then make sure you treat it as such. Have regular meetings with your team and set goals for them to achieve. Even provide incentives to reach those goals.  While getting a weekly wage should be incentive enough, it often isn’t.

In retail, aim for no complaints from customers for the whole month, or try to get a certain number of customer surveys filled out by the end of the week.

Customer Relationship Management Tools

Customers want to feel valued, but it can seem like it’s impossible when your client base is made up of thousands of people. That’s where customer relationship management (CRM) tools come in. These tools help you format a loyalty program that manages your customer interaction and potential growth.

What is CRM? A Simple Detailed Guide

You can send out VIP specials via email, put customers into separate databases based on their expenditure, and offer discounts or free products when they spend a certain amount. When customers feel valued, they keep coming back.

Provide Multiple Contact Options

The digital age has paved the way for different contact options. Traditionally, you had to walk into a store to get service. Now, you can contact a business on their social media pages, by phone, email, live chat, web message, text message, or in store.

Having many contact avenues is only going to work if you staff them. Aim to get back in touch with a customer within one working day so that you can sort their problem or answer their question in ample time. Clients appreciate the promptness and are more likely to stick with a company that can deliver it.

In a competitive business environment, perfecting your customer service strategy is crucial. If you don’t satisfy your customers’ needs, they’ll go elsewhere to a company that will. Invest in technology, your team, and your customers, and you’ll go far.

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