Everything About Bakeware You Need To Know

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To be a terrific baker all you need is confidence and love for baking, your experience or the kitchen level does not affect the quality and taste of your baked items.  To be a successful baker, you only need basic baking tools. That’s exactly what bakeware is all about.

This article will give you a brief and comprehensive introduction about the bake wares you must include in your kitchen.  

What Makes Bakeware Different From Cookwares

Cook wares are the utensils that are to be used on the stoves or cooking ranges, these include saucepans, frying pans etc. 

Bakeware are specifically the utensils that are supposed to pop inside the hot temperature of oven, these include baking pans, baking trays and other items etc.

Some utensils are considered both bakeware and cookware, because they are safe to use in oven too.       

The Essential Six

These are the six famous and main essentials of baking;

1&2- Round cake pan (2):

It is essential for baking; deep dishes are perfect for creating a traditional layered cake.

3- Baking Pan:

It is used for baking bread rolls, pastries, cookies, sheet cakes, Swiss roles and more.

4- Large cookie sheet:

Cookies need space and care not to over-brown. A large cookie sheet will help you do just that.

5- Cupcakes /muffin pan:

The name says it all.

6- Loaf pan:

Also known as bread pans, they make anything from pound cake to sandwich bread, Perfect for small scale baking.


In almost every recipe you look at, you will notice that a certain pan size is calculated. Why? Because in baking, size does matter!

Some of the most common used sizes are mentioned below;

 1. 9? Round Cake Pan and Pie Dish:

This is standard bake pan size for classic cakes

2. 9? x 13? Rectangular Sheet Cake Pan:

Another standard bake pan size that holds around three quarters. 

3. 13? x 18? Jelly Roll Pan:

This pan size gives enough room in the oven for air to circulate because internal area of most ovens is 22 inches.

4. 12-Cup Cupcake Pan:

This is according to your need you can also get 6 or 24 cupcakes pan.

5. 9? x 5? Loaf Pan:

This is the staple size of loafs, can be used for savory and sweet breads.

6. 17? x 11? Cookie Sheet or Pan:

It gives enough space for cookies to spread and get baked

7. 8” × 8” Square Brownie Pan:

Brownies needs to be soft and crispy at the same time. This size of pan or even 9X9 size helps to achieve perfection.

 8. 9” Spring form Pan:

It goes perfect if you’re making cheesecakes or tarts.


Many materials like Glass, Stoneware, Ceramic, Cast iron , Stainless steel, Aluminized steel, Silicone, Insulated, Non-coated steel. They are bought and used according to their durability and ease of the baker. Most reliable material is glass it is non-reactive and won’t leave chemicals in your food. 

For professional bakers minor details like surface of bake wares, color, finish and even boundaries matter.

Ultimately it is up to you to decide which assortment of bake ware is best for your kitchen. To get started, ask yourself which desserts and delicacies you plan to eat the most. Make sure to bring two bake wares for your favorite desert so you can bake them side by side, but remember to leave some space for air to cross to make sure even distribution of heat.

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