Everything You Need to Know about Pain Patches and Why They are So Effective

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You may have heard about nicotine patches and how they are used by people. It is a great way to start the process of retreating from fags. Just like nicotine patches, you get pain patches too that help to reduce the pain in a specific part of the body. So, why exactly are people fascinated about using pain patches?

Well, gulping down medicines can be tough for many. When you see those bean-sized capsules, you wish you didn’t get the disease in the first place. There are thousands of people who find it hard to take medicines, especially when they are pills or capsules. They are hard to swallow and you often spill the water as the pill sticks in your throat. But then again, you cannot do away with them because of the constant pain that you are in. This has given rise to the use of pain patches. Most of the elderly people are not comfortable taking medicine orally. It is easy if the medicine is in liquid form but as soon as you give them pills, the problem starts. These are the patients who need pain patches to keep subside their pain.

Combination of pain patches with medicine

Although there are high chances that pain patches will reduce the pain in your body, it doesn’t mean you will stop the other medication totally. These patches work best when you continue with other medicines that have been suggested to treat the pain. The main objective of pain patches is to keep the pain away when you are not taking any medicine. It is not practical to always take medicines whenever you feel a pain in your body. There is a certain time when medicines have to be taken. However, when you use pain patches, they can keep the pain away when you are not taking any medicine.

Starting with a low dose

The ideal way to relieve pain is by sleeping through it. That is why most of the pain patches come with a very small dose of morphine. This will help you to sleep quickly and forget about the pain. Different patients have different dose when they use pain patches. The respective doctor will be the best judge to decide the ideal dose for the patch that you can use. Ideally, it will be good to start with a low dose. Since pain patches are new and you are not accustomed to using it, it will be better if you get used to the patch first before increasing the dose. Starting slowly will ensure that you can continue using the patches in the future.

Most of the doctors prefer to stick to a low dose for a long time. This is because pain patches can become addictive if the dosage is increased slightly. There are cases where patients started to rely on these patches instead of medicine. Since you get into a state of dizziness and fall asleep quickly, it gets you into that numb zone where you don’t have to think of the pain. It is almost like taking weed and getting high. That is not why the pain patches are used. The idea is to keep the pain away by making you fall asleep.

Things to avoid to make the patches more effective

There are several rules that you need to follow while using Staminapro.com patches. Since the patches work directly into your body through your skin, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • Consuming alcohol is a strict no-no when you are using pain patches. Remember, the patches will make you sleepy and alcohol will have the same effect. Together, it will be an overdose; something that your body will not be able to handle. Even the slightest drop of alcohol is not recommended when you are on a pain patch. It will have life-threatening side effects.


  • In addition to alcohol, you shouldn’t take nonprescription medications too. There are lots of painkillers in the stores that can relieve the pain but if you are taking them without any prescription, you are risking your life and that is not acceptable at all. No street drugs or nonprescription medication is allowed during the time when you are using pain patches.


  • You should be responsible for the patch that you are using. Do not let anyone use the patch when you are not around. These are not nicotine patches that your friends can try. Keep the pain patches away from children and other members of the family. The patches have the ability to cause harm to others especially to those who don’t need them. Keep a secret box where you store all the patches together.


  • Throw the patches away safely so that no one is able to get hold of them. Doctors suggest that you change a pain patch every three days but even after three days there is enough medication left that can cause serious trouble to someone who doesn’t know how to use the patch. Try not to throw the patches in a trash can. Keep a separate box for used pain patches and throw them away together.


  • Keep the patches away from direct sunlight. Make sure the patch is properly covered if you have to go out in the sun. The patches react to the sunlight and they release extra medication into your body. The ideal way to make the pain patches work more effectively is to keep them away from sunlight. So, sunbaths or hot baths should be avoided to ensure that the patch is working appropriately.

Pain patches have evolved over the years. They are used under the supervision of the doctors and it is suggested that you don’t take them on your own. These patches have had significant results on the patients and that is one of the reasons why doctors are keen to prescribe them to patients who are in constant pain. Elderly patients can try the patches, especially the ones who have cancer and have a lot of pain throughout the day.

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