Exciting Travel Ideas For You And The Kids

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It’s both daunting and exciting to plan your next holiday with the children, particularly when they are very young. If they are happy, you will be happy. It’s, therefore, better to look at the ideas through your child’s eyes, rather than going with your wishes and hoping they enjoy it. Below are some ideas for you to consider.

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 Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando

Surely this would appear at the top of most children’s bucket list! There are breathtaking theme park rides for the older kids and Disney characters everywhere to say hello to your toddler. Disney’s Beach Club Resort is a nice place to stay if your kids like the seaside, and they can have some shipwreck-themed fun while they are there! Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground is fabulous for the great outdoors. There are pine forests full of deer and a host of outdoor activities, with log cabins to stay in. 

Traveling with a Camper Van

Whilst this option sounds far less exciting for your children, consider the possibilities: You have a high degree of flexibility, lots of opportunities to see different things, and the ability to feel like you’re camping – but more comfortably! Each evening you can sit under the stars in a different location, away from the normal distractions of television and technology. If you are creating or adapting your van into a camper van, the bed designs are highly important. This is because you must bear in mind the total layout and surface area to ensure everything fits. 

You have to prepare differently for every holiday you embark on, and in this case it’s really important. Is your transport fully serviced, and do you have a breakdown assistance cover for where you’re going? Are there any special medical needs for you or your children?

It’s also important to pack items to prepare for unwelcome rain and traffic queues – your children won’t take well to these! A box of goodies to keep the kids quiet can be a lifesaver but have daily boundaries for how much time is spent on the road. A pop-up tent can help free up space when you stop for the day. Some holiday locations offer daily entertainment for your children, but make sure they are not a dumping ground where your kids are just sitting in front of a television. 


If your children are happy spending all day on the beach, consider Italy, Bulgaria, Majorca or Spain. There are many family-friendly hotels with a host of activities to keep things varied for your little ones. 

Culture and History

Cyprus provides similar options to the above, plus lots of water parks. There are also places of cultural interest such as harbour towns and ancient Greek ports. If you enjoy history, Paphos includes ancient mosaics and temples. 

Mexico offers beaches, tropical heat, and adventure parks for the children. You’ll also find jungle trails, ancient Mayan ruins, and water sports.

Snow and Water 

Speaking of water sports, how about scuba diving for all the family? Consider Dominica, Fiji, or Grand Cayman – in fact, over 150 countries are offering this. If your children are 10 or over they can go on a beginners’ course. 

Christmas at home can be disappointing if there is no snow. Your children’s eyes will light up at the idea of seeing Santa, the elves, and reindeer pulling sleighs in Lapland. If your timing is right, you’ll also get to see the Northern Lights. Interestingly, there are eight places in the US where you can also see these Lights! McMillan, MI offers fun with dog sledding, providing your children are age 10 or older. 

There’s also the Swiss Alps, which will delight your children (for aged 4 or over). Imagine their faces as they see mountains and waterfalls, go on toboggan runs, navigate a ropes course, and go hiking in the beautiful scenery. If your children are over 7 years of age, wild water rafting is an exhilarating experience to be had in Lewiston, ID. Plus, there’s swimming and lovely scenery.

Bermuda has a record amount of shipwrecks underwater. Your children would love to head off to the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo to learn about these, and the underwater world nearby; plus there are snorkeling and other water sports. 

Another exciting option is in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, where your child (if over 5) can learn to surf. There’s also land near the National Marine Park containing 200 different types of animals including sea turtles iguanas, tropical birds, and howler monkeys.

Science Fun

If your children enjoy science, how about the US Space and Rocket Centre in Huntsville Alabama. There’s rocket building, simulated space missions, and related activities that will delight any child over the age of 7.

It’s important to know your children and to think of the moments you have been most happy as a family. Every child is different, and the last years’ holiday may no longer appeal. Fortunately, we have the internet and friends we can ask. I hope this article has been one step closer to your family dream. 

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