Exciting Ways To Spice Up Your Next Pizza Night

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A pizza night can be a wonderful way to connect with friends and family over delicious food. But if you’re only serving pepperoni and cheese pies, it’s time to make an effort to spice things up. There’s so much that you can do with pizza to take your experience to another level. Here are six ideas to help you make pizza night exciting.

1. Try New Ingredient Combinations

You may enjoy pepperoni, but why not try some different ingredient combinations? There are endless possibilities. From goat cheese to caramelized onions, you have the ability to explore new flavors. Be sure to make one or two pizzas that you’d normally eat. Then, you can experiment with other options that you think you’ll like. It’s also a good opportunity to use any leftovers as toppings, like leafy greens.

If you’re nervous to leap into particularly unique ideas, you can always upgrade your current favorites. You could use an aged pepperoni with fresh mozzarella cheese and homemade tomato sauce for a better take on a classic. Your pizza night doesn’t have to add much to your grocery bill, but you should aim to use better choices if possible. They’ll make a difference for your tastebuds.

2. Make Different Side Dishes

There are many side dishes that pair perfectly with pizza. If you’ve only ever served pizza for your pizza parties, it’s time to add lighter fare that complements each pie you plan to make. You should consider a variety of side dishes like:

  • Caesar salad
  • Parmesean zucchini
  • Oven-roasted broccoli
  • Garlic knots
  • Bruschetta
  • Mozzarella bites
  • Cauliflower breadsticks

These options can cook as you assemble and bake your pizzas. If you have multiple guests over to eat, you should make at least two so that everyone has options. It would be a smart idea to add dipping sauces like ranch or marinara, too. This way, you’ll enjoy a healthy and wholesome meal that’s not only pizza!

3. Pair With Wine Or Beer

A pizza always tastes delicious with any drink. That said, you should look into particular wines if you want to take your meal a step further. The vintage Merlot on your shelf won’t complement a vegetable pie, so it’s smart to think about what you have on hand before you make your pizzas. If you’re not a wine drinker, you can select a beer, such as a pale ale or an IPA. A lighter option works best for decadent pies like supremes.

You don’t have to spend more than a few bucks on your chosen beverage. Grab a six-pack or a bottle that’s under $10 for your pizza night. It’ll work just as well.

4. Buy A Circular Or Rectangular Stone

The best pizza chefs use a wood-fired oven to cook their pies. You can create a similar effect with a pizza stone. This nifty tool allows every pizza to achieve a proper crust because there’s no way for moisture to collect. A baking sheet often leads to a soggy pizza since metal isn’t porous. This trick can change your pizza nights. It’s smart to choose a rectangular stone for easier accessibility, but you can pick any shape.

A pizza stone isn’t a necessary purchase by any means. That said, you may want to invest if you and your family make pizza often. You’ll find that every pie takes on a better texture and flavor. You’ll finally be able to achieve your dream crust. You can purchase a pizza peel so that your work isn’t extra difficult.

5. Prepare More Than One Crust

Do you have a pizza crust recipe that you always use? If not, you may want to use your pizza night to test a few options that people rave about online. As a result, you can have a little fun as you figure out which approach works best. Ask your family and friends to vote on their favorites. You’ll soon have a go-to pizza crust recipe to make for your future pizza parties.

You may also want to try gluten-free, whole wheat and other alternatives. It may be smart to make a “normal” crust as well as one that addresses a certain allergy. As a result, you can accommodate everyone.

6. Create A Make-Your-Own Station

There’s not much better than a personal pizza station. It’s fun for every guest ? and your job becomes simpler. You can set up a station in your kitchen. You’ll want an organized and accessible area so that you don’t end up with a mess. Give each person their own pre-baked crust. They can then choose from sauces, toppings, herbs, and other special additions to make their perfect personal pizza.

Use These Ideas To Take Your Pizza Nights To A New Level

From new toppings to wine pairings, you can use many tactics to turn your kitchen into a pizzeria. Try these ideas for a tasty pizza night at home.

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