Exile�s Daniel Eilemberg Explains the Concept Behind Saving IPs With NFT Blockchain Technology

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NFT Blockchain Technology

Most intellectual property (IP), also known as “mental property,” being used in the media and leisure businesses in recent times is not new but rather reimagined. Over the years, the entertainment industry Best Investment for public content in an unshakeable monopoly.

The original content creators of shows, movies, and events in Hollywood can hardly claim actual possession of the content created by them. In fact, most writers and artists have very little say in how their intellectual properties are used in the long run. In the same vein, the public audience most of the time has very little control over the content they receive.

A typical example is the Marvel brand. There’s hardly any community in the US where Marvel characters are known and adored. Few people know that the late Stan Lee, originator of some famous Marvel characters, did not get his fair share of the movies’ earnings. The book artist, along with Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, created and brought up the backstories of the Avengers. Well, neither of these men got full ownership of their mental properties, that is, their characters.

Ditko and the Marvel team are currently in a legal battle to determine whether or not Ditko should retain full possession of his creations.

It’s high time issues like this were sorted out from the onset. The best bet at altering this current reality is through the blockchain.

The NFT sector and IPs

Decentralized blockchains have a place in almost all sectors of the world. According to Daniel Eilemberg, the blockchain can be used to get a different understanding of how mental properties work. Eilenberg currently serves as the content material president at a U.S.-based media firm, Exile. His firm produces media content viewed across North America and Latin America.

Eilemberg told CoinTelegraph that most of the IPs used to create the most-rated Hollywood content are not new. They are mostly reestablished to fit a new context. Creators who produce fresh content in Hollywood first have to undergo the danger-averse test. This involved incubating these materials as books, podcasts, theatre shows, or comics. Most of the Marvel characters started in comics. Producers in Hollywood prefer to build on existing IPs because they feel it’s better to lengthen the lifeline of an already-successful series rather than start afresh with no fanbase.

The NFT sector has discovered new ways to help new creators have a chance to produce their content and build their fanbase without losing ownership of their IP.

Collaboration with Curatible and Painter Edgar Plans

EXILE just sealed a deal with start-up Curatible, and Edgar Plans to establish an original NFT in-studio called “Lil’ Heroes.” The characters in this venture will exist as properties on the Ethereum network. The partnership plans to develop these characters into an animated TV series.

Eilemberg said that the characters and the storyline are based on different assortments of the NFT sector. He further added that the characters created by the painter, Edgar, are young superheroes who play out different plots. He said members of both companies involved in the partnership have completely fallen in love with the characters and their animated universe.

Lil’ Heroes could change the way new IPs are viewed. Eilemberg explained that the team could run into some challenges because the artistic course of this project is quite different from conventional movie shows. Lil’ Heroes will be leveraging its budding and increasing fanbase. More awareness about the project will be raised to attract a younger target audience.

Other Details about Exile, Curitable, and Edgar

Curitable is a nascent startup that focuses on bringing diverse artists to the world of nonfungible tokens. All designs used in this project were hand-drawn by the talented Edgar Plans and then projected into 3D designs to develop the NFT mints.

The Lil’ Heroes collection was officially released in January. Eilemberg says the success of this project so far can be attributed to the artwork’s effect.

He explained that Edgar put a lot of thought and expertise into bringing these characters to life. The characters themselves are fascinating and lovable.

The animated series project is nowhere close to being completed. However, these early wins have given the creators hope that they can ideally incorporate artwork and music with NFTs.

Lastly, Exile hinted that they would be partnering with Edgar to supply an animated collection soon.

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