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In recent times, it is very typical for many Singaporeans to sought out aesthetic therapiestreatments. Before, having your appearance ‘artificially enhanced’ was something that could very well draw disapproving stares. Trends in the last four years, however, reveal a big and growing group of supporters that see cosmetic treatments as a critical ingredient in bringing out the best in girls. Part of the reason for the rise in this field is the advancement of medical tech. certain treatments need only ten minutes to be performed! The age of accessibility had finally descended upon the cosmetic procedures field, and the women are loving every second of this.


A hugely prevalent method to get dazzling, flawless skin is by asking for skinboosters like Teosyal. Skinboosters are praised as the game-changing solution to skin laxity issues. This is a non-surgical procedure which is conducted exclusively by MOH qualified practitioners in Singapore. Much like Sculptra, skinboosters have hyaluronic acid. When administered in clinics, skinboosters absorb hydrating factors in the blood, bringing rehydration to the target area. The beneficial effects of skinboosters on a woman’s skin is delayed and commonly requires 20 days to achieve maximum results. For ladies that get extended swelling or itchiness, it may be abnormal and you are urged to consult your doctor. Treatments such as Teosyal are typically priced $450 for a full syringe, although much depends on the in most cases, injectibles like Restylane will cost up to $550 for a whole jab.

Breast Enhancement

Asian women usually have smaller boob sizes and would hope that their boobs are firmer. Most experienced surgical experts suggest the use of silicone implants. Bust enhancement procedure is a major medical process and is likely to require not less than $15000. Breast augmentation is a technical procedure and only licensed surgical experts are granted permission to perform it. Boob implant procedure is classified in a similar vein as nose jobs, abdominoplasty and epicanthoplasty. For people who are who are considering getting bust enhancement in Singapore, prepare at no less than 14000 for an elite breast surgeon. This can go up to $20K SGD, determined by your decision on doctor, brand and medical needs.

Picosecond Laser

Picolasers are the freshest expansion to every cosmetic doctor’s collection of machines and can discharge bursts of laser energy in periods measuring picoseconds. Used in aesthetic procedures, picosecond lasers have proven to be useful in scarring or tattoo elimination.

Patients suitable for pico laser procedures include persons with different freckles, and unwanted tattoos.

Picosecond lasers work by fragmenting the pigment or tattoo clusters present in the skin into smaller pieces with strong shots of focussed laser energy. Your body then resolves the bits of broken up pigmentation using the body. As the shots of laser energies sustain for merely a few billionths of a second, the likelihood of your tissue to sustain burns is very low. The flexibility of the customisations on various models of picolaser machines also signify that variations of wavelengths, emission strength and durations can be tweaked for the desired effect tailored to the every type of skin and person. Pico laser treatments do not cause any substantial downtime. Individuals are able to proceed with their daily activities and hobbies as they’d typically. Individuals who notice swelling get medical attention immediately.  Prices for a picolaser session may cost; taking several considerations such as size of the procedure area, from $350-$1200 every session.

Acne Scar Removal

Acne scars are not all the same. Multiple types can show on the same person. Scars arising from as a consequence of acne rank amongst the most difficult dermal issues to fully treat, simply because of the various possible variations of scars acne can produce, and the challenge of treatment.. Depending on your skin type, while giving consideration to the variants & subtypes the acne develops that erupted on your skin. This is crucial since the various types of acne will affect the different types of acne scars variations may form. artisan02a.jpg

At this juncture, it should be noted that the different types of acne scars are not the same in terms of their biological structures as well. Due to this reason, each type of scar caused by acne will respond in different ways undergoing the same treatment. Matching prescribing the optimal type of treatment procedure to the correct type of acne scar is important in getting best results for removal of acne scarring. Some dermatologists or clinics that elect to use gradual treatment plans which involve topical applications like creams and plasma, although others may like a faster approach and dive into intense laser therapies. While other doctors offer a type of dermal filler that has proven its efficiency in dealing with certain types of acne scars. This filler is called Ellanse. The secret to Ellanse’s success in reducing acne scarring from the face is its component, called PolyCaproLactone or PCL. This ingredient encourages the production of collagen in the skin, which helps in improving the appearance of the acne scars. artisan2b.jpg

Consult with a highly reviewed aesthetics or skin clinic, like Artisan Clinic, or hospital for a bespoke plan to treat your acne scars. Pricing Low to medium severity: $1700-$3700, Severe: $2800-$6600

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