Expert Tips for Female Solo Travelers in India

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India is a country full of various cultures, traditions, and religions. There are tourists from all over the world who visit India to enjoy chaotic places in India. But the fact cannot be denied about increasing crimes against women in India such as rapes etc. And Delhi is one of the places that is most highlighted for crime against women. But, sometimes the media exaggerates the rates unnecessarily just to gain popularity. If you are a female solo traveler to India then here are some tips for you to avoid any mishappening in an unknown country. It is very commonly said that “Precaution is better than cure” so when you are visiting India do consider the below-mentioned points.female traveling

Tips for Female Traveller

  • Be mentally prepared- Travelling to an unknown country is not so easy and especially if you are a solo female traveler. Before traveling to India you need to do some homework to study the country’s culture. Read some blogs by the female travelers and learn from that to get an experience on how to live in the country and what are the places best suited for women.
  • Avoid being friendly to strangers- Indian men are desperately attracted towards the foreign women especially to the ones with white skin. They have an evil thinking that western women are easy targets and can easily be influenced. Just stay away from men who look suspicious as they take the friendly nature as an open invitation for sex.
  • Beware while choosing taxi- Make sure you hire a cab or a taxi from a trusted company as these companies track the journey of their visitors with the GPS system. Keep on mind that you should note the number of the car in your diary and open the Google maps in your phone to cross-check your direction. Keep yourself in touch with your known ones and give them updates about your location. While visiting a new place must try to rely on Ride Hailing Apps available the town, here you can try with Ola Cab Promo Codes available to make a booking for a reliable cab. 
  • Precautions while traveling through public transport- The journey would be much more convenient for you if you book the upper births for yourself. It will not only save your luggage from being stolen but will also save you from those staring eyeballs.
  • Beware of pickpockets and touts- During a visit to historical monuments beware of touts. Do not carry a lot of cash or credit card. It is better to carry traveler’s check instead of cash as a travelers check cannot be easily cashed if stolen. Make sure that you avoid to give any of your belongings to your guide.
  • Keep an eye on nearby happenings- Not only in India it is advised that no matter whether you are on your own country or in some other country, as a women you should always have the knowledge about the things happening around you this will prevent you from sticking into a bad situation. Is something fishy is happening around then talk to the people near you or walk into a cafe or hotel to save yourself.
  • Look confident- If you look confident then the nearby people will never try to misguide you. In case you lost your way don’t let it come to your face or body language just ask for help to some family who can guide you in the correct direction.
  • Choose hotel cautiously- Always book your hotel through a trusted hotel site especially for the tourists. Your choice of hotel should be such that the hotel is located at a crowded area and not at an isolated place. Inform your family members about the hotel name and its address so that they may cross check in case of any discrepancy. Must ensure that you hotel should be through a reliable agency, recommend you to choose available Fab Hotels Coupons to get your best budgets hotel in India.
  • No means no- The women who travel from abroad to India are not less than celebrities and are frequently asked for being clicked. Clicking with families or children is not a big deal but beware of single men who can harm you. Learn to say no to men.
  • Don’t pretend that you are aloneAs a female traveller in beginning the things can get a bit challenging for you but later on after spending few days in the country, you will find that it’s not so difficult if you are around genuine people. Never give a sign to anyone that you are alone in the country always depict like you are here with your friends.






The most important tip for any women whether from India or outside India – Avoid Travelling at night alone. This tip will save you from any mis-happening to a large extent. As the women travelling at night alone are more prone to crimes.

We hope the above content will help you a lot in planning your trip to India and what are the necessary precautions required to make your trip well and good without any loss.

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