Exploring Italy with Kids

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What a time to be alive. With all the elegance and class Italy has, uncover all its hidden secrets with kids of any age. From the pace of life to the classy and trendy fashion; from the food and wine to the historical monuments and attractions, Italy will offer you a mind-blowing experience for you and your family.

Italians love kids, and everything in Italy is kid-friendly. If you are planning your Italy itinerary, here are some untold golden rules to make sure you experience a spectacular and glorious vacation.

  1. Travel plans should incorporate the young minds

It is important to include the kids in your travel arrangements. Take a map and show them where they will be travelling;  trace your way from home to where Italy is on the map; and share entertaining and mysterious Italian stories to excite them with what’s to come.

Engage the older kids in the planning of activities you will carry out in the different towns. Give them a list of tasks, and ask them to come up with the most exciting places to see and experience. You could even assist them in learning a few Italian phrases and words — Italians love it when they hear children trying to learn their language.

  1. Plan manageable tours

A family trip becomes dull and unattractive if you have to spend more time on a train or at the airport. If you travel to Italy by train from Germany, make sure visit DB Fahrplanauskunft for train schedules. When planning the magical places to discover in Italy, look for a route that is easily accessible, where you will not waste time.

The rule of thumb is that you should not travel for more than a day if you only have three or four days to explore this beautiful country. If you only have ten days to explore your itinerary, make it essential that you explore three or four main cities and towns in Italy. Alternatively you can also fly to the diverse cities in Italy, as this increases your coverage as you discover new dazzling sights.

  1. Purchase tickets in advance

There is nothing more annoying than waiting in a line to buy tickets to visit a museum, exhibition or historical site. Your (and the children’s) excitement to see and experience what is stored in the Colosseum or Vatican, will die off while you still wait — it is always wise to book in advance for the places you are planning to tour.

City sightseeing tours are convenient for tourists that are new to a town or city. From such trips, you will discover the main attractions in that city, and in the coming days, you will be able to accomplish some self-exploration.

  1. Consider taking trains

Trains are a modern and convenient means of transport in Italy. In fact, all the cities in Italy are linked by a fast-moving train. Taking a train to move from city to city in Italy is much better than flying, as you are sure to discover the elegance of the Italian countryside. You can purchase tickets at the station, although it’s best to book in advance if you already know your itinerary too well.

Children can travel freely or on heavily discounted prices depending on their ages, which is a considerable boost as long as your budget is concerned.

  1. Pack light

When packing for your kids, take note of the bag’s weight. Italy requires a lot of ingenuity. Think: tall structures, and hardly any lifts. You do not want the experience to be a tiresome one rather than an entertaining one. Pack soft luggage such as backpacks or duffel bags that one can quickly put on and carry. Ensure each person has only one suitcase. Do not pack necessities that can be found worldwide: wipes, diapers etc, as such items can be bought in Italy.

  1. Enjoy Italian delicacies

Italian food is not up for debate. The most satisfying and exciting part of an Italian itinerary is when and where you get to taste and savour the cuisine. Ask for recommendations: Tuscany Now & More’s award-winning concierge team will recommend the best restaurants for a mouth-watering meal and glass of wine.

  1. Avoid over planning

It is crucial to avoid planning every minute of your time in Italy with an activity, as plenty of unexpected encounters and experiences are bound to arise as you discover the country. Leave a few hours to enjoy walks in the countryside, swims in the sea, and impromptu picnics around towns and villages.

  1. Be sure to abandon your regular schedule

The tempo of life in Italy is quite different. Many tourists’ hubs, shops, restaurants usually close after lunch for a small break, every day. Italians are also known to dine from 8pm or 9 pm, meaning that no restaurant will be open before 7pm in most parts of the country. Try to adapt to the lifestyle in this monumental country, and you’ll ultimately learn a lot about the culture and people.

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