Exploring the Adriatic Beauty of Slovenia

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Slovenia boasts some of the most stunning sceneries in Europe although it is quite shy compared to its famous neighboring countries. It is positioned perfectly in the midst of the continent which makes it rich in all the things Europe is known for– culture, food, and art. It has some of the best Adriatic coastal towns which look charming together with its natural landscapes installed with baroque and medieval architecture. Plenty of its towns are friendly to tourists who seek adventure, local culture, and delicious cuisines. It is an earthly paradise that you surely would not want to miss for your next trip.

Slovene Cuisine

The local dishes in Slovenia are a blend of Italian and Balkan cuisines. Its land is best suited for buckwheat so you can find a lot of baked goods and pastries made with this. This crop also attracts bees that make this country’s famous Buckwheat honey. Beekeeping is one of its most important industries in Slovenia and it even protected its native bee, the Carniolan bee. Due to its unique climatic zones, you would find a wide variety of mushrooms as well which are cooked as side dishes or in their specialty soups and stews. You can be surprised because some of these grow awfully big.

Natural Landscapes

The scenic and picturesque landscapes of the country look like they were taken out of a fairytale. Many people keep coming back to enjoy its breathtaking views and greeneries that greet anyone who enters the country. It is the perfect place for outdoor expeditions since it is rich with icy peaks, hidden caves, and beautiful coastlines. It is one of the greenest countries in the world too and it will surely convince anyone to look for a real estate for sale in Slovenia for themselves. This will give you plenty of time to take in its natural splendor and great climate. Living here wouldn’t be difficult given they are versed in speaking English as well.

Art and Style

Street art in Slovenia is very apparent with graffiti and hanging shoes especially in its capital, Ljubljana. If you are artistically inclined, you may find these forms of art are everywhere and it is attracting a lot of tourists every year. The city also is fond of hanging shoes on wires as a sign of good luck just like how one throws a penny on a well. This is not an old tradition and only became a popular gesture when a shop owner got more customers after he hung his own pair of shoes. Across the country, you would find plenty of beautiful bridges, churches, and gothic buildings around. One famous place is a church found in the middle of Lake Bled.  This is often featured in travel magazines and blogs.

One look at the pictures of Slovenia would persuade you that this country is one of the best countries to visit. It cannot be compared to other destinations and it would demand that you experience it yourself.  It has the magical feature of a European destination but with a special touch of its own unique charm and beauty.

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