Exploring The Connection Between Minimalism and Scandinavian Interior Design

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You will be amazed to know that the minimalism revolution started way back in the 1960s. Some of the very first instances of minimalism can be found in the minimalistic art practices that include the abstract and geometric shapes along with figures. And for the most part, the primary preference was for the rectangle and the square shapes.

What was the minimalistic revolution?

The aforementioned minimalistic revolution was a challenge to the chaos and the excess that was abundant for the humankind historically. It started with a movement within the ranks of art, especially the conceptual art and later on spread to all spheres of life. Minimalism is just another way to express your emotions and state of mind through order, harmony, and simplicity.

Minimalism practitioners and artists portrayed art through objectivity and were completely non-referential. This radical change in the expression of art led to a number of changes through the introduction of balance, simplicity, and often, serenity. Sculpture, installation art pieces, furniture, and finally interior décor, minimalism spread and ultimately became a global trend.   

Clearing some misconceptions

Before we get into the details of minimalism, let us assure you that minimalism doesn’t mean just the paintings. Minimalism can present a vibrant or raw look depending on the type of the object. Various materials are used for minimalistic installations that include the fiberglass, metal sheets, plywood, and plastic. 

An introduction to minimalism

When you are thinking simplicity, you are thinking minimalism. It is a choice of individuals with a particularly refined taste in aesthetics. The material and the design element of any installation or the interior décor is highlighted through minimalism. It is a very stark contrast to the symbolic art and the emotive overtones seen generally. Minimalism is contemporary and old at the same time. Even after going out of fashion multiple times, it always makes a comeback as a viral trend.  

The Scandinavian connection

The idea for minimalistic interior design directly descends from minimalistic art. Sometime around the early 20th century, the Scandinavian countries popularized the minimalistic design movement, and the trend is followed all over the world. Some of the Nordic countries leading the minimalistic interior charge are Sweden, Iceland, Norway, and Finland. The Scandinavian design offers the full functionality of the interior of a property along with harmony and order that are the critical facets of minimalistic décor. When you are looking to go for a minimalist interior that will draw focus to an art piece or a focal point within the room, the Scandinavian interior design is perfect for you. 

With such minimalistic décor, you can access the room for its real purpose as well as eliminate the commotion and clutter within the living area. All you need to keep in mind is to maintain a neutral color palette and simple textures. If you are going for a dash of color for a certain corner, make sure to go for soft hues to bring out the contrast better. Go minimalistic for emphasizing light and maintenance of compactness and order.

How to go for the minimalistic interior?

Yes, there are certain key areas that you need to concentrate on while going for the minimalistic interior. Some of these considerations are strictly personal, like following a few basic practices whereas some deals with the details pertaining to the choice of furniture and the color scheme for the living space. 

Here is all that you need to consider while joining the minimalism aficionados. 

Uniformity and rusticity is the key

Minimalism is incomplete without the use of geometric shapes. Geometric shapes work because they are simple and don’t require embellishments to mean something recognizable. For the perfectly uniform look replete with rusticity, you need to focus the interior décor with respect to the sleekness of the geometric shapes along with repetitions. Focus on building a serene environment to take rest at the end of the day away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

About the clutter

It is not all about the matching interior décor, artwork, and color scheme. It is also about practicing certain good habits to maintain the status of a true practitioner of minimalism. The Scandinavian interior is all about the tidiness. Clutter means space is unorganized, and it doesn’t fit in with the compactness and the order of minimalistic interior design. Get rid of unnecessary items, buy quality items when you need only when you need them, and eliminate clutter by arranging for storage spaces fit for the minimalistic design of your property. 

The trick is in the monochromes

The minimalistic approach takes into account that color can be utilized to portray space rather than emotions. This is the reason as to why most minimalistic art and décor sports monochromes. There is a high use of the neutral color palette and hues that are subdued like the white, black, and grey. 

Additionally, keep in mind that your furniture needs to focus on the monochromes as well or contrast them to avoid jarring the vision. The better you plan and design, the higher the sense of simplicity and serenity for your living quarters. The current global trends in minimalism as far as color is concerned are the whites and the blues, all the shades included. Go for this popular combination to give a warmer undertone to your interiors. 

Limit the texture layers

Minimalism means “less is more.” The more you add layers and textures, the further you are away from minimalism. However, with the expert help, you can use textures keeping in line with a minimalistic approach. Such expert tricks are necessary to add a dash of glamour and elegance to the interior. The prohibitions are not just limited to textures as you are required to limit the usage and number of furnishings as well. 

To achieve the result takes patience and careful planning. The devil is in the details, as they say. So keep in mind the facts we just mentioned and make sure to look for harmony and order for a truly astonishing result.

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