Exploring the Magic of Rome

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Rome is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring cities on the planet. Every street, every building exudes history, and some people liken the city to visiting one huge open air museum.

It is a place that everyone should visit at least once. But the only downside is that when you are there, it can feel like everyone else in the world has chosen the same date for that once in a lifetime experience. Don’t let that put you off booking your flights, visiting uhcsafetrip to get your travel insurance and arranging the hotel, however. It just means that to get the most from your visit, you need to plan carefully and time things well.

Don’t bother going into the Colosseum

Let’s start on a controversial note. The Colosseum is one of the most majestic structures in the world, so of course you want to see it. But it is best appreciated from the outside. The sheer size of the place will take your breath away – but there is a strong argument that it’s really not worth queueing half a day just to get inside and be sent, sheep like from one area to the next in a crowd of tourists.

Beat the crowds at the Vatican

For many, the opportunity to visit the Vatican is one of the biggest draws of Rome, so it is something you really won’t be prepared to miss out on. Be warned, this is another place that gets uncomfortably crowded. But there are a couple of tricks to make the whole experience more enjoyable. One is to visit early in the morning. For one thing, it will be far quieter, and for another, you can really feel the special atmosphere at the beginning of a new day. If you are not an early riser, the alternative is to go after 6PM, when most of the crowds have departed and you practically have the place to yourself. The queue for the Sistine Chapel can  be the worst of all, and this is one of those occasions when it is worth pulling rank as a tourist and investing in a fast track ticket that will allow you to skip the line.

Leave the Trevi Fountain till the evening

Let’s get one thing straight, there are always lots of people around near the Trevi Fountain and this is one place to avoid during the day. Leave it till the evening, and pay a visit before or after dinner. After all, there are plenty of great restaurants in the area, particularly if you venture down some side streets and avoid the obvious tourist traps.

Explore Rome’s hidden beauty

In fact, that last piece of advice holds true in general for getting to know the true Rome. Adopt the rule of going wherever other people are not, and you will soon find yourself in tiny squares that are oases of calm, despite being just a few yards from the thronging masses just a couple of streets away.

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