Fabric craft ideas for living room

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Bored in the house during quarantine? Interestingly, you can do a lot of things in the comforts of your home than just binge-watching TV series and scrolling over social media. Home projects such as DIY can let you kill so much boring time at home while making your homes look nicer and lovelier to be much appreciated for days. Might as well be productive with your extra time, and you’ll be surprised how crafts and arts can let you get that amazing-looking home.

Fabric craft ideas for living room

DIY projects for homes should not be costly. Perhaps, you are thinking of getting that pool, or even making that treehouse you always wanted to build; other resources at home can be used as your raw materials for home projects, and even extra fabrics from your storage can beautify your home. If you have some extra fabrics and you are thinking of throwing them away, revisit your plans for them. Extra fabrics can go a long way, and some easy crafts can help you preserve them.

Do these fabric projects instead

Throw Pillow Covers

The best and the easiest way to be resourceful of your extra or old fabrics is to sew them and make throw pillow covers. You can match your covers with the colours of your chairs and make some accent with them, or try to funk up varying colours and designs instead. This is good for coloured and patterned fabrics, making you freely decide the best style for your throw pillow covers. You might even want to try your favourite fabrics for this, so you can have the freedom to choose the perfect texture to be paired with your throw pillows.

 Cover for your throw pillows can also be good anywhere at home. From your living rooms, office chairs, and even your bedrooms, making your pillow covers can set the mood you always wanted your home to have. This is also good to make your covers more personalized, so you can achieve a unique look for them like no other.

Beautify your chairs 

Ramp up your chair game by replacing the covers of your sofas or dining chairs. Perhaps you have an odd-looking chair that appears old and untidy already, then it’s time for them to step up.

Just make sure the materials you are using are good as upholstery fabrics which are likely thick and can withstand heavy usage. Upholstery fabrics like chenille, velvet, tartan, and Jacquard fabrics are always made strong and durable, so you can sit on them and they are hard to wear and tear even after years. Reupholstery might not be too easy, but trust us, it’s going to be worth the try to make your sofas and chairs look more customized and pleasant to look at by the time you finish your project. 

Yet, if you don’t have that kind of extra fabric readily available at home, there are a lot of fabric stores that offer a wide array of upholstery fabrics that you can use. Stores like the Yorkshire Fabric Shop sell quality and affordable fabrics and even offer thousands of upholstery materials to choose from to create livelier and neat-looking chairs.

Don’t be afraid to upholster your chairs. Some fabrics can match the colours and style of your home which can also last up until decades.

Make a lanyard

Strips of fabrics should not go to waste. In avoiding throwing some cents off when you make cuts out of your extra fabrics, you can make beautiful lanyards for your keys and IDs and they just hang in place. It’s a great way to organize them rather than just placing them in a jar and digging them inconveniently when you use them.

Bow ties, ties, and headbands

Again, your extra fabrics can go long miles and reuse them in another way. With this, you may want to use them and make your DIY headbands, bowties, and ties for your kids’ hair. You may play with colours and patterns for this, and you’ll end up having lots of choices every day for your kids’ essentials. Apart from this, you may also use them as ribbons and tie the fabrics around your flower pots. Making this easy is no need to use complicated equipment; just your thread and needle and you’re good to go.

Pencil cases and pouches

Just as you thought there’s nothing more, fabrics can be used as organizers for various things. You may try sewing them and adding a zipper to create a stylish pencil case for your kids, or even good to be a pen holder for your office essentials too. Pouches can also be created with your fabrics —— just a great way to organize small things.

Fabrics can be used for thousands of things. From decorating your homes to organizing your essentials, they are very flexible when it comes to providing necessities for you. Hence, never throw away your unused fabrics, they could make your homes appear fascinating, appealing, and neater for everyday use.

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