Facebook in 2020: What’s Working Best for ROI and Brand Growth

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Marketing a product or a brand growth in social media platforms is not easy. Therefore, you can always buy likes for IG profile to reach your target audience. There is a constant pressure to demonstrate the results delivery through a tangible growth contribution and a return on investment. The chase of key performance leads to brand growth and profitability refers to the ROI. These indulge in marketing short and long-term so that they optimize the success for the long-term. This is done by driving sales up and by focusing on brand building.

Now to understand what works best for the brand growth and ROI in Facebook 2020 is essential to make a success mark. Before we jump into the full list, it’s important to realize why Facebook is growing in popularity, while other platforms are sinking. This is often due to the fact that Facebook is more optimized for mobile audiences and can attract younger and older audiences thanks to the power of their video content as well.

With all of this in mind, here are a few ways to further improve what’s already working for you and your brand on Facebook in 2020 and beyond:

Define goals

The correlation between brands ensures better financial performance and strong equity. The marketers concentrate on other areas, keeping brand building aside. However, not investing in a long-term building is not a wise move. The stagnated businesses observed its falling revenues. While a business having $USD 1 billion as annual revenue means the decline in revenue is USD 130 million.

A good example of this is when a brand first goes live on Facebook, they will focus their efforts on branding building and using likes to get a bigger following on their fan page. But, as a few months or weeks go by and they start to see no further increase in business and sales, and then go on to delete their fb fan page. This is just a bad idea and only further hurting the brand more.

The challenge is in balancing the returns of the short term with the brand growth to sustain a long term. The objective should be oriented and clear, regardless of whether it is long term or short-term sales. This helps in brand building and also in campaign monitoring so that it attains the goal. The marketers finally wish to know the objectives so that they make optimum use for the campaigns and drive in the best impact.

Adjust for changing habits of the consumer

Achieving the objectives short and long term through digital media takes place with a deep understanding of consumer habits. The marketers, traditionally concentrate on the media to secure a wide reach that is also fast, such as TV.

The patterns in the last decade have changed and the behavior of media consumption has remarkably transformed. Today, spending lots of time on a mobile phone has become a practice for people. The time spent can be found in specific regions. It is also found that people spend less time on TV viewing and more time on mobile devices. This shift to mobile devices is world-wide.

Even among the audiences TV-viewing, many are engaged with other devices, such as tablets and iPads. Even if the audience is sitting in front of the TV, half of them pay no attention to TV and so viewing the ad completely is difficult. When looking at content and what’s working best on social media and mobile devices today, it’s all about video content creation.

Leveraging to inform media is essential for the marketers so that they succeed, regardless of the long-term brand building or short-term sales. This approach will ensure brand growth and ROI.

Develop long-term success

The success in brand growth cannot be sudden. To establish a drive to short-term sales is possible when the audience responds to an ad. They should show a response by downloading an app, contacting the advertiser or visiting the website. Then the advertisers are assured their digital campaign delivers the right ROI.

Digital campaigns contribute to the brand goals of the long-term. They help brands in developing and reinforcing connections with people so that a strong recall is developed.  This is to the extent that anytime one goes shopping, the brand comes to mind immediately.

However, understanding the role of brand building in a campaign needs the advertisers to assess the lead indicators such as its association, consideration, and awareness.  This may not bring sales effectively, but it ensures loyalty and drives growth over time. Building long-term success campaigns means allocating wisely the media budgets so that there is effective brand marketing done. The right place to initiate is by knowing how each contributes to brand metrics efficiently and its role.

Promote sales with digital media

The technology drive has taken the world in its spin and digital ads are a new approach to increase the brand growth that will drive the ROI. The incremental reach is not easy to measure based on TV campaigns. There is a need to study the digital campaigns in detail to know the exact proportion received as ROI apart from the spend to TV and other media campaigns. 

A few ways to ensure success with brand growth and ROI for Facebook in 2020 include: 

  • Develop measurement systems empowering marketing

Whether you are working for brand building growth or to generate sales or maybe both, there is a need for an effective measurement system. It is essential so that an early indication of progress is apparent towards those goals. This allows marketers to adjust and ascertain that digital marketing is offering the desired impact.

  • Plan to transform consumer media habits

There is a need to probe into consumer media habits and this can be done using insights. Once you know the habits, balance your investment across the media and enjoy the impact on brand growth and sales to see a proper ROI.

  • Accept a mindset of test-and-learn 

Assessing the metrics and adjusting them ascertains real goals, regardless of whether there is sales or brand growth. Evaluating gives a glimpse of varying touchpoints to know the true value, as ROI or brand growth.

Marketing on any social media platform isn’t easy, and we have the stats to prove it! It’s easy to set up, but not to see a high ROI and continued results overtime. If it was easy, then everyone would be an influencer.

Follow these tips and tricks to get the most bang for your buck when trying to building a successful brand and following on Facebook in 2002 and beyond.

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