Factors to Consider when Renting Photo Booths for Events

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Photo booths are among the most popular forms of guest entertainment at events. There are various things apart from price that you need to consider when hiring a photo booth company. Create a checklist that covers your expectations and what you should look for when you want a photo booth rental for your party.


A key consideration is the size of the booth. You need to find a photo booth according to whether or not it will be able to fit in the space that is available at your venue of choice. Consider whether the booth is portable and can be moved around and assembled within your space.

Find out if the photo booth can accommodate enough people. Some booths can fit a couple of people while others have a capacity for larger groups. Make sure that the rental service provides you with information regarding the sizes of booths that are available.


Another important factor to consider when renting a photo booth is the guests that you will be having. The guests at a sweet sixteen party are likely to be different from those at a corporate event where a new product is being launched. Ask the booth supplier to recommend options according to factors such as the sturdiness of the booths and recommendations for the kind of crowd that you will be expecting at your event.

Wi-Fi and Social Media

Confirm whether or not your venue has Wi-Fi access if you plan to post live images on social media if your booth provides the option of live posting. This gives guests the chance to post the pictures they want to social media while they are in the booth. Click here for My Boogie Booth.

Booth Features

  • Along with the size and safety of the booth, you also need to take factors such as color. Plain white, for example, is a popular option for events such as weddings. You need to determine whether you have your own colors, pictures and branding in the booth and the budget for customized options.
  • External screens on booths are ideal for keeping the guests who are waiting in line busy as they observe the photos of people in the booth.
  • A green screen is a feature that enables guests to select the background for their pictures. Guests are provided with different backgrounds on a screen that they can choose from and these will appear in the image instead of a green screen behind them.

Digital Props and Guestbook

Props are entertaining but the booth supplier is likely to provide a limited number and variety of props. Digital props are worthwhile alternatives that allow your guests to have access to a broader range of props. Other options that may be included in your package are guest books. Find out if your supplier will be able to prints that will give you great memories for years to come.


Before your party, think about the type of photos you would prefer. Consider the photo layout in terms of single or multiple images as well as angles. Determine the appearance of the background in your photos and whether you want any type of text overlaid on different parts of the photos.


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