Facts You Didn’t Know About State Flags

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Blood, sweat, and sacrifices can better define what the forefathers went through before obtaining your country’s or state’s flag. Flags are a sacred item that defines a nation’s heritage. They are symbols of unity and are designed with unique decorations that help to identify a nation or state. Every flag has a unique story behind it. Some flags are believed to have come straight down from heaven, others are strictly based on fairy tales, whereas for some, it was through the battles and conquest that they were born. For instance, legend has it that the Danish flag came from heaven. In ancient history, the mere sight of some flags could send enemies into a frenzy. That’s how powerful a flag can be. But do you know what your flag represents? Below are facts you didn’t know about state flags.

1. Flag Designs

Interestingly, there’s not a flag design rule book! But the same cannot be said for military and historical flags. Today, there are various flags that, come to think about it, break all the design rules. Nevertheless, this doesn’t render them useless or unimportant. One thing to note though; is that a lot had to go into designing your flag. Various state flags have simplistic designs, colors, and can distinctively be identified with the country they represent. It’s for this reason that most people find flags a great addition in their home decoration. According to the guys at https://starspangledflags.com/product-category/american-flags/ mounting a flag in your home can be a symbol of patriotism. However, you’ll want to display a quality flag, one that will stand the test of time while at it, whether you’re a country’s native citizen or want to be reminded of your homeland. 

Starting with the American flag, let’s take a look at various flags that are interesting to look at based on their designs:

  • The American flag – A symbol to be relished and reckoned with. The stripes and the stars are just a magnificent symbolism of the American culture
  • Maryland – In a nutshell, the design is, as most would call it, a beautiful mess.
  • California – A majestic sight to behold. While the lettering was kind of unnecessary, the flag resonates with what the state of California has to offer. Don’t get it twisted… It’s not the bears!

Virginia – Before its modification, the flag of Virginia was the only flag featuring nudity. Now, it’s a cool flag with a symbol that displays bravery!

2. The Flag Symbols

It’s not just about the design or the colors, there’s more to a state flag than meets the eye. As earlier mentioned, a lot goes on when designing a flag. Various flags have symbols that are somewhat similar to other flags both in appearance and in meaning. For instance, the sun in various flags symbolizes energy and unity while the moon is a symbol of divinity. The cross will symbolize religious beliefs or a sense of direction. It’s therefore important to know what the various symbols on your flag stand for and how these symbols relate to your country.

3. Flags Are a Symbol of Freedom

Flags represent freedom and true to this, is the fact that they help to represent countries that are no longer under the influence of another country. Immediately after a country gained independence, the first thing they did was to fly their flag as high as it could get. A flag means that the people are running their government.

4. It’s Illegal To Desecrate A Flag

Over the course of history, protests have been a major concept of people wanting their issues addressed. Not all protests are peaceful and not all culminate in a manner anticipated by protesters. Flag burning has been synonymously associated with the protests. But did you know that it is illegal to burn any state flag? Now you know! Actually, you might just tell where you are by setting a flag ablaze. While some nations will not be as strict on burning their respective flags, it’s highly advised to steer clear of such an activity in certain states. 

Apart from the U.S, below are countries you’ll not want to burn their flag:

  • China – It’s illegal to burn, deface, or stomp on the national flag. The punishment for this is detention and imprisonment not less than 3 years
  • Germany – Reviling and damaging the German national flag can see offenders receive up to 5 years in prison
  • Spain – Desecrating the Spanish flag is punishable by hefty fines or 7-12 months in prison.

There you have it. Whether your state’s flag is beautifully decorated or it’s as plain as it can get, you have every right to be proud of it. Nothing beats the feeling of watching your flag fly up in the sky. It gives you a sense of belonging, pride, and patriotism.

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