Family Reunion Games

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Family Reunion GamesFamily reunions are exciting and fun, but, in many cases, the experience is cross-generational and not quite as engaging as it should be based on the love in the room. From awkward silences to withdrawn kids that would rather text away on mobiles in a corner, family reunions can quickly become a bore for some, and frustrating for those looking for more unity.

One way to solve the problem is to get everyone to partake in a game. The right game will be enjoyed by both kids and adults. Before the start of the games it can be a good idea to organise prizes for winners and runners up to make the game competitive/purposeful. The best prizes are often special holiday baking or some other edible treat.

You could look for prizes other than food, but, mind you, there may be a dozen people on a winning team and you need to compensate losers as well. What better way to cheaply reward everyone? Everyone will partake in the yumminess in the end.

Here are some of the best games to consider.

Red Rover

To play red rover, you need to divide everyone into two large groups. The groups line up, join hands and face the other. The group to start the game calls out the name of one individual from the other group saying

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  1. Ronald Gagnon says

    Perfect timing…the whole family (including kids) gets together every Boxing Day

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