My Family’s Holiday Gift Giving Traditions

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My Family's Holiday Gift Giving Traditions #ChosenByKids | Optimistic MommyI don’t know about you, but I am so happy that the holidays are here.  To me, there is nothing more exciting than getting together with friends and family that I love and celebrating Christmas.  And I love decorating – from the tree, to the outside of our home, it just makes me happy.

Riley By Tree

I know that every family has different traditions.  Whether it be decorating before Thanksgiving or waiting until the day after Thanksgiving (like we always do).  I always think gift giving traditions are neat.  I know some people do white elephant gifts – which, this is actually the first year I ever heard of this kind of thing.  For us, we always give gifts to our immediate family.  On Thanksgiving, after we eat dinner, we always put our name in a basket with each side of our family and draw names to see who we have for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Christmas Eve is always spent at my husband’s aunt Joan’s house with some of her husband’s family so they are included in the first “drawing.”  For Christmas Day we go to my husband’s aunt Judy’s house, and we have a separate gift exchange there.  I love picking out the names on Thanksgiving because that gives us plenty of time to pick out the perfect gift.

Another tradition we have, is going to stores and letting Riley look at the toys.  This way she can report back to Santa with what she is wanting this year.  There is actually a great event going on that woud be perfect to do this at – the Walmart Toyland event!  On December 6th, 12th, or 13th, visit a participating Walmart near you to interact with this year’s htotest holiday toys that are #ChosenByKids and become an Official Toy Tester!  You can also utilize Walmart Free Layaway and Walmart Credit Card on your toy purchases this holiday season.  Oh, and make sure to take a photo with your child’s favorite toy while you’re there and share on social media with the hashtag #ChosenByKids.  I can’t wait to see which toys your children are loving this year!

What gift giving traditions do you have in your family?

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  1. robin McCoy-Ramirez says

    With so many new husbands, wives and children in our growing family, we have decided to try a gift exchange this year to help save on money, as well as add a little fun to gift opening.

  2. I love the white Christmas Tree! It looks like your daughter really enjoys all of your Christmas traditions. I will be heading over to see the toys and see what my daughter wants for Christmas too!

  3. When we lived closer to our family, we always used to draw names too. It always always fun to see who we could get 🙂

  4. I love the family drawing names tradition. I may have to see if my family wants to do that next year.

  5. We have drawn names on my Dad’s side of the family for years too, and it works out so nice. Love the pictures of your family. Happy Holidays!

  6. When my Dad’s father was still alive, our tradition was much like yours. His side of the family would draw names after Thanksgiving dinner, and then we’d go shopping for that person. With 8 brothers & sisters and LOTS of nieces/nephews/cousins it was really the only way to go.


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