My Favorite Fitness/Health Apps To Meet My Health Goals #BalanceRewards #Shop

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My Favorite Fitness/Health Apps #BalanceRewards #Shop | Optimistic Mommy

I have been in a struggle for about a year now.  With my health and how I look.  For me, those two things go hand in hand.  I know that after I gave birth to Riley, things weren’t going to be easy when it came to losing weight.  She’s almost 3 and a half, though, and I haven’t really done much to fix things.  It’s hard when you don’t have much motivation.  This past month or so I have been trying to do better.  There have been some apps that have helped, and I am excited to share them with you.  And the best part – they all tie in with Walgreens’ Balance Rewards program.

My Favorite Fitness/Health Apps #BalanceRewards #Shop | Optimistic Mommy

I am a frequent shopper of Walgreens.  I usually go there for any prescriptions we need, my beauty products, some food, and othe random items.  You more than likely know about the Walgreens Balance Rewards program – you get points for shopping there and you can get bonus points if you buy certain items that have those extra points tied to them.  Did you know that they have a program where you get points for making healthy choices?  And you get rewarded for those healthy choices, just like you do by shopping there!

By making healthy choices, you receive Balance Rewards points – You receive 20 points for every mile you walk, run or bike.  Also, if you track your weight you get 20 points.  Do you have to track your blood pressure or blood glucose numbers?  Receive 20 points daily for tracking those, as well!  You also get to celebrate your progress by collecting badges – so far I have 6 badges that I’m pretty proud of.  🙂

My Favorite Fitness/Health Apps #BalanceRewards #Shop | Optimistic Mommy

If you think that tracking your miles or steps each day is hard, it really isn’t.  Walgreens has made it easy for it’s customers!  They have a great list of apps and devices that you can use and connect to the program and they will sync together.  How great is that?  The three apps that I actually use, luckily, were three that are on the list.

  1. MyFitnessPal – Available for iOS and Android, MyFitnessPal allows you to track your exercise and food each day.  I love the calorie counter because it allows me to track food that I get from a restaurant or store, or I can create my own recipes and it automatically calculates the calories for the entire dish and allows you to create how much a serving is worth and will calculate the calories for that.  Tracking your food and exercise really could not get much easier with MyFitnessPal!  {Friend me on MyFitnesPal!}
  2. MapMyFitness – This is another great fitness tracking app that I like to use for tracking how long I’m on the stationary bike or how far of a walk or run I take at the park or around our subdivision.  {Friend me on MapMyFitness!}
  3. FitBit – I have a FitBit Flex that I absolutely LOVE for tracking my steps and how intense my workouts are, among many other things.  I wear it all the time (even to bed!) and I love how now my FitBit information gets synced to my Walgreens Balance Rewards app so I can get more rewards at Walgreens! {Friend me on FitBit!}

My Favorite Fitness/Health Apps #BalanceRewards #Shop | Optimistic MommyLookie there – it’s only a little after 1pm and I already have 680 Balance Rewards points!  I haven’t even gotten into my car and gone anywhere!  Just a walk and a couple miles on the stationary bike so far and I’ve already made some healthy choices today and been rewarded for them!  Just by connecting my already favorite fitness apps to Walgreens Balance Rewards program and making a healthy choices, I’m good to go on my path to a healthy life!  Make sure to follow me on the apps above so we can cheer each other on!  Whether you are trying to lose weight like I am, or working on weight management, we can do this by doing it together.  I would love to cheer you on your journey!

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    It’s great that Walgreens is doing this. I need to get myself signed up.

  2. Fitbit and MyFitnessPal have been two of my favorite apps lately too. I use the Walgreens Rewards program and love to earn free gift cards!

  3. This seems like such a wonderful app. An app that would really keep me motivated,.

  4. This sounds like a great program!

  5. Wow, I had no idea. These are some great tools. And way to go you! Great job working so hard to achieve your health goals.

  6. I love that Walgreens does this. It’s an awesome app.

  7. I am loving the Balance Rewards Program. What a great incentive to help me make better choices.

  8. This is awesome. I hate to say it, but good health has never been enough to motivate me to do healthy things. Saving money, however… that’s a different story.

  9. Balance Rewards is so cool! I already try to make healthy lifestyle choices. Now I can do that and save a little cash at the same time!

  10. I think it is so cool that Walgreens is doing this! I love My Fitness Pal, I use it all the time!

  11. That is awesome, I like MyFitnessPal right now but I think I;d like this one better, Thanks for sharing!

  12. Shauna says

    I love that Walgreens is offering this… it seems so simple to use and so very helpful. I love to be rewarded..

  13. Amy D says

    I love fitness apps because the help keep me accountable! I need to check a few of these out later!

  14. Thanks so much for sharing these apps! I haven’t made the plunge to fitness apps, yet, but I can totally see how they’d encourage me to get fit!

  15. Pam says

    I really like that Walgreen’s is doing this. I always reward myself for reaching health goals and I think it’s great that Walgreens is making it easier.

  16. I love how Walgreens is doing so much to promote health and fitness.

  17. I so need to check this out. Maybe it could help me get on track health wise.

  18. That’s extra incentive to use those apps and add in some fitness. Saving money is nothing to ignore.

  19. I love that Walgreens is rewarding people’s healthy activity!!! What a great program from Walgreens I love the extra little boost!

  20. Ann Bacciaglia says

    We do not have a Walgreen’s in our area. I do like to use fitness apps. This one looks great.

  21. It’s so handy that you can sync the Walgreens app with other fitness apps to earn rewards so effortlessly! #client

  22. Beyond excited that Walgreens does it. I love being rewarded for good things

  23. Julie Wood says

    I really like that Walgreens is rewarding people for their healthy activity. What a great program from Walgreens. I like saving money!!

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