My Favorite Way To Enjoy Diet Coke! #DietCokeTime #spon

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Disclosure: I received free product as well as a promotional item from Diet Coke in return for my post.  All opinions are my own, though!

My Favorite Way To Enjoy Diet Coke! #DietCokeTime #Spon | Optimistic Mommy

 I have always been a huge lover of the Coca Cola family.  So when I was contacted to become a Diet Coke ambassador, I couldn’t have been more thrilled!  As the number one carbonated beverage out on the market, you know quite a lot of people enjoy it.  Do you?  My family does.  Whether it’s in the can, a bottle, or a glass, we always usually have some Diet Coke around and enjoy it often.  I want to tell you my favorite way to enjoy it, though!


My Favorite Way To Enjoy Diet Coke! #DietCokeTime #Spon | Optimistic Mommy

*Fun Fact: Did you know that Diet Coke was the first diet soda served in space?  It happened in 1995!*

My favorite way to enjoy this bubbly drink is definitely in a glass, served over ice.  Popping that tab open and hearing that carbonation going crazy – such a great sound!  The only way to drink any kind of drink, in my opinion, is over ice – after the can has been chilled, of course, too!  The colder the drink, the better!

There are several times that are my favorite to enjoy my fizzy, delicious Diet Coke.  The first time would have to be when it’s hot out.  Nothing beats an ice cold drink in the sweltering August sun when you’re trying to soak up some rays.  My second favorite time (as you will see me preparing for in the pictures) is when I am settling down at night and curl into bed with my Kindle to read before going to sleep.  I love that our headboard has shelves, and my glass of Diet Coke sits on there as I take sips in between chapters!  To me, it’s the perfect way to unwind after a busy day with my daughter!

My Favorite Way To Enjoy Diet Coke! #DietCokeTime #Spon | Optimistic Mommy


*Fun Fact: Did you know that Diet Coke has been around for 30 years?*

What is your favorite way to enjoy Diet Coke?  Is it before bed or during hot days, like me?  How about in the morning to start out your day?  I would love to hear about it!

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  1. Looks yummie! Sadly no sparkling drink agrees with my stomach, but I remember I used too love Coke too much back in the day.

  2. Interesting “Fun Facts”! learned something new about Coca Cola.

  3. I am a Diet Coke addict. I know *exactly* how I like to drink my coke. For one, I don’t like cans because I find them too fizzy. Second, I don’t like the beginning of the Diet Coke bottle for the same reason. The perfect Diet Coke for me is a 3/4 full bottle – that’s when I find it to have the appropriate amount of fizz. I serve it to a long, thin glass, no ice!

  4. This is a great post. We don’t drink soda in my house though.

  5. Congrats on becoming an ambassador – Great news if you like Diet Coke!

  6. I’m not a coke fan but my daughter is. She loves the vanilla coke. She insists its the best. 🙂

  7. I love to enjoy my diet coke relaxing in the living room.

  8. There is nothing as satisfying as a cold, cold diet coke!

  9. Oh man, I love DC! I’m pregnant so can’t drink it…..miss it so much!

  10. I like to enjoy my Diet Coke with Lemon..almost any time of the day too! 🙂

  11. I prefer water for drink, but sometimes I really enjoy some ice cold Coke! My husband is a big Diet Coke fan! I had no idea, that Coke was served in space.

  12. i’m a coke girl- for pleasure and when people are not feeling well it’s great for belly aches!

  13. I enjoyed my Diet Coke during the hot summer days! Love Coke and always drink the diet.

  14. I drink it all day long, seriously ALL DAY LONG. I am completely and totally hooked on Diet Coke.

  15. If/when I drink soda, it’s always Diet Coke 🙂

  16. MY mother loves coke and always had since she was a child. I love the taste of it and now that I am watching sugar I enjoy diet coke and its cool refreshing taste.

  17. I like Diet Coke from a can that’s been in the fridge. Nothing fancy for me 🙂

  18. I’m not a Diet Coke fan, but I AM a Coke fan…gotta love drinking it while I’m blogging! lol

  19. I don’t drink soda at all, except for when I am in Mexico and I get a bottle of Mexican coke. It tastes so much better, less sweet because they use can sugar!

  20. Cyndie Norell says

    I prefer Diet Dr. Pepper but your photos make me thirsty for Diet Coke

  21. I do love the taste of diet coke, but the aspartame is takes a toll on me!

  22. I like diet coke when it comes out of the freezer and parts of it are frozen. It can never be cold enough for me.

  23. My husband love coca-cola, when we’re having a nice dinner, he can’t get through the meal without a coke in a glass.

  24. Usually I only drink regular coke, but diet is a decent substitute, as long as I have plenty of ice

  25. You and I have similar tastes. I like to have a glass of diet Coke over ice while reading on my Kindle after the kids have gone to bed and my husband is playing on his computer.

  26. My mom loves Diet Coke, so I will share this with her.

  27. I don’t drink carbonated drinks very often, but when I do, I love a freezing cold Diet Coke! And I truly enjoyed the “Fun Facts”!

  28. Congrats madam ambassador! 🙂 Wow, it seems like DC has been around forever. Just 30 years huh? Thanks for sharing.

  29. Congratulations on being a Diet Coke ambassador!

  30. I drink diet coke every day all the time.. I am what my husband and family call a diet coke addict.. yes I can admit it but I wont be seeking help anytime soon lol.. I take diet coke, Morning, Noon, and Night…

  31. I don’t drink diet drinks . They always give me a headache.

  32. I don’t drink diet soda but that sure did make me want to try it!

  33. Diet Coke is the choice of drink for my family, too… I’m a water gal, my tummy doesn’t like the bubbles I guess 🙁 but Diet Soda is the way to go.. thanks for sharing; your pictures looked soooo refreshing

  34. I am not particularly fond of these drinks but my children love it 🙂

  35. I drink mine at room temp. I HATE cold pop!

  36. I am not much of a soda drinker, but for some reason I have to have a soda with pizza. Just one of those things. My husband however loves vanilla coke. Its his staple in the house.

    New follower here from the Monday Mingle. I’d love for you to stop by when you get a chance. I also want to tell you your blog is cute. Love the theme, the colors and the layout. Nice!


  37. I worked with someone once who drank Diet Coke morning, noon, and afternoon! She just loved it, and I’m not sure I ever saw her drinking anything else!

  38. At one time I drank a lot of diet coke. Now i switched over to coke. I don’t drink as much as I use to. I do remember sitting around watching movies and having a diet coke on ice. That was such a pleasant way to enjoy a movie.

  39. I’m definitely a Pepsi gal, but I love your glass!!

  40. rehammmagdy says


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