Feeling Guilty or Ashamed about Wanting Breast Augmentation Surgery? Don’t.

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It feels like many of us are programmed to put the needs of others first. This means that considering elective cosmetic surgery should be the very last thing on our minds, despite how much of an improvement to many aspects of our lives we would see. Should you be allowing yourself to feel guilty or shame about the fact that you want to undergo breast augmentation surgery?

The easiest and simplest answer is a resounding no. But, in truth, it’s not that easy and simple. Making the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is typically not one that is easy and there are many factors that can come into your decision-making process, including a whirlwind of emotions and thought-processes.

Addressing the guilt

Women who have families may often feel much more guilt over wanting to enlarge the size of the breasts than others who are considering the surgery. This cosmetic procedure may feel entirely self-serving and indulgent. However, it’s important to put aside any feelings of guilt and refocus on just what led you to consider the surgery in the first place.

What did you hope to gain from breast augmentation surgery? According to breast augmentation surgeon, Dr. Justin Perron, women who have the surgery done will see a surge in self-confidence and positive body image. This newfound confidence can often lead to improvements in all areas of life, including seeing women have the confidence needed to reach for new career goals. 

If you’re feeling guilty over the idea of surgery, ask yourself a few questions. How much more confidence would you feel if you were able to have the silhouette that you’ve been longing for? How much more self-esteem would you have if you felt proud of your body? Would you feel more confident wearing cute clothing when vacationing with your family?

Addressing the shame

There should be no shame felt about wanting to look and feel your very best. Breast augmentation surgery is not the ultimate in a solution for all of your mental health concerns. But it can certainly help you with those low feelings of confidence. Any shame can typically be found rooted in not knowing how those around you may respond to your wanting to have elective cosmetic surgery. Have an open and honest conversation with your partner, as their response should be the only one that truly matters. If the surgery is well within your budget and will help to restore some of your lost confidence, you’ll likely find that your partner is going to be supportive of your wanting surgery.

The opinions of others should matter little. The decision to undergo any type of cosmetic surgery is very personal. If it’s important to you, that is all that matters.

Considering therapy and learning coping skills

If you find that you are struggling with the guilt and shame and are even having doubts about your surgery, then you should consider a pause in the process. One of the most important parts of ensuring that your breast augmentation surgery is successful is ensuring that you have realistic expectations about the results of the procedure. If you are not in the right frame of mind, you may not find that you are satisfied with the results of your surgery. Discuss your options with your surgeon, discuss future dates for the surgery, but consider therapy so that you can learn some good coping skills.

There should be no shame or guilt associated with wanting to feel your very best and to love the way that you look in the mirror. You should never feel badly about wanting to improve your self-esteem and confidence levels.

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