Find The Truth About Your Spouse’s Late-Night Work With The Help Of A Private Investigator

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There is a saying that if you suspect that your partner is cheating, the chances are high that they are. Legally, cheating is seen as a breach of the marriage contract and a valid ground for a divorce petition to be filed. If you have suddenly started noticing some changes in your partner, whether in their behavior, lack of sex drive, depleting communication, and non-interest in you, there is a high chance that the attention may be going to someone else outside of your relationship. Investigating a cheating partner can be a lot to do. You need to be discreet, pay attention to the details, and also combine this with your daily roles. You may find it impossible to balance both worlds and that is why hiring a cheating spouse investigator – Steven Feakes & Associates may be the best decision to make. Personal investigators are known to be trained professionals who are familiar with the methods of discreetly collecting information and gathering evidence. If you wish to collect evidence to prove infidelity in your relationship, find below some information that you need.

How Can A Professional Private Investigator Help?

If you suspect your partner is spending long hours at work due to an extra-marital affair or that they may have been lying about their whereabouts, a private investigator can help. Trained, certified, and professional private investigators are equipped with the expertise, equipment, and tools needed to carry out surveillance on your partner to establish the reason for their late nights. One of the superpowers that private investigators possess is their ability to blend in. They follow up with your spouse to understand where they are spending their time and with whom. Private investigators can also collect pictures, audio, and video evidence to prove infidelity or to put your mind at rest.

How To Choose The Best Private Investigator?

Hiring a private investigator is an important step to confirm whether or not you have a cheating spouse. You want to make sure that a competent professional is hired to do the job. Below are some tips to consider when hiring a private investigator.


Most states across the United States require licensing for private investigators to function. When choosing a private investigator for your surveillance needs, be sure to ask for their license to practice. A licensed private investigator has passed the requirement set by the state licensing board thus giving you a level of guarantee of their professionalism.

In addition to licensure, you should also pay attention to the private investigator’s reputation and credibility. Before making a hiring decision, ensure that you read reviews from past clients that have worked with the private investigator. Be sure that the private investigator also has insurance coverage as the absence of insurance could put you in a financially tough position if the professional gets injured on the job.


Drafting and reviewing a contract of engagement between both parties is important for security purposes. Before shaking hands and making a hiring decision, you should ask for a contract that specifically states the service that you have hired the private investigator for. In addition, the contract should also state the amount paid for the service and the deliverables. Other terms of the engagement, including the start and end date and response to contract breach should also be established. Having a contractual agreement will guide both parties in the delivery of their obligations.


When investigating your spouse for cheating, you want to maintain the utmost level of confidentiality to avoid spooking them and to achieve the desired outcome. Your private investigator must be able to carry out their task as discreetly as possible while also maintaining the highest level of confidentiality with the evidence gathered. Your private investigator should also be able to guarantee your privacy and anonymity if things get out of hand.

Know What You Are Paying For

While the service charge of private investigators varies from company to company and from one location to another, it is financially wise to know the services rendered for the price paid. Be sure to ask clearly what the services offered by the private investigator are and what services are covered under the plan you selected.

Unraveling the truth behind a cheating partner’s ways should be done with hard facts and evidence to prove their infidelity. If you wish to get the evidence needed to nail your cheating partner, a private investigator is the professional to hire.

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