Finding The Perfect Venue For Your Wedding Isn’t Easy – Tips To Choose One

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Though almost every aspect of a wedding is discretional, from forgoing the flowers to wearing a suit in place of a dress or ditching your wedding cake, yet there’s one thing that is constant: the venue! You’ve got to decide on a place where you will call your friends, family, and other guests to celebrate! However, locating the apt venue for your wedding isn’t an easy task. You can choose from several options like a stylish ballroom or a stunning barn or a certain stretch of the beach or a cozy restaurant. 

Finding affordable Utah wedding venues can be similar to getting a glimpse of Loch Ness monster or Sasquatch. Apart from those legendary and age-old venues, what should the budget-conscious brides do in order to find themselves an ideal location for their wedding? With a little bit of resourcefulness and planning, it is possible. Here are a few ways.

Make a list of the ‘must-haves’ of your wedding venue

Before you start searching for the ideal venue, jot down the features that you can’t compromise on. What can be your maximum budget for the event? Decide on the desired number of guests and whether you would want an outdoor or an indoor wedding venue. Majority of the wedding event centers provides you a discount if you hold both the wedding and the reception at their venue. If you choose the same location for the reception, decide on the type of catering services – whether buffet or a sit-down dinner or only-dessert or passed appetizers. 

Finalize the date to curb the price of your venue

Throughout the months of May to September, the wedding season remains high in Utah. If you choose to marry on the weekend, choose a date within that range so that you can pay a premium for the venue. Don’t forget that you have to compete with several other couples for the dates that are available during that same time period. On the contrary, if you can adjust your wedding during the months of November to April, you can grab a discounted rate for the reception venue. 

Watch out for value-added services

If you’re looking forward to saving more money on your wedding venue, try to choose a venue that includes services which you would have to pay for otherwise. Like for instance, there are few facilities that can include services of a coordinator or wedding consultant as an inclusion of the venue’s rent. If you want to have a DJ for your wedding, recruit an ongoing friend. 

Consider the vendor situation

There are several reception centers that have few approved vendors which they allow within their facility. While there are reception centers that automatically cover the majority of the vendors, some others would require hiring wedding cake, flowers, linens, food, decorations, and tables. On the other hand, there are few other facilities which will only give you space but not get separate vendors to cater or rent furniture. Choose accordingly. 

Therefore, if you’re planning your wedding venue, make sure you take into account the above-mentioned strategies to choose the venue perfectly according to your wish and budget. 

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