Firework Safety Tips for Responsible Parents

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Many of us have a hard time picturing summer without fireworks. In addition to the lavish Fourth of July displays put on by many cities and townships, fireworks are a common presence at summertime picnics, barbecues and various outdoor celebrations. Although fireworks can be a lot of fun, it is incumbent on parents to keep children safe from firework-related mishaps. Since even a seemingly minor slipup can result in serious injury – or worse – it’s in every parent’s best interest to get serious about firework safety this summer.

Firework Safety Tips

Don’t Let Children Shoot off Fireworks

While it’s easy to see why kids love fireworks, they should never be allowed to shoot them off. Fireworks should only be operated by responsible adults, and any children present should be kept at a safe distance from the ignition site. Regardless of how responsible or cautious your kids may be, even a seemingly inconsequential mishap can have big consequences whenever fireworks are involved. No matter how permissive a parent you typically are, it’s in everyone’s best interest that you put your foot down when it comes to firework safety. Yes, your kids are likely to give you a lot of push-back, but this decision is being made to ensure their safety, not garner their approval.  

Don’t Mix Drinking and Fireworks

Drinking is closely associated with good times, particularly during the summer months. Alcohol is a common presence at a variety of summertime shindigs, and when you’re surrounded by people who are drinking, the temptation to do so yourself can be overwhelming. However, if you’ll be in charge of shooting off fireworks, it’s important that you abstain from alcohol consumption. Delayed reaction times and impaired judgment will never serve you well, especially when fireworks feature into the equation.

Shooting off fireworks under the influence not only places you in danger, it compromises your children’s safety, as well. So, if you absolutely refuse to abstain from drinking, either cancel your plans to shoot off fireworks or place an adult who will abstain from drinking in charge of the fireworks display.

Purchase Quality Fireworks

It pays to be discerning when shopping for fireworks. So, the next time you find yourself in the market for roman candles or any other type of firework, take care to do your homework and limit your choices to products from manufacturers that are committed to quality and safety. Furthermore, make a point of avoiding fireworks that are intended for professional displays. These can often be identified by their brown paper packaging.  

Require Kids to Keep a Safe Distance

While your kids should be free to marvel at fireworks, they should also be required to do so from a safe distance. As such, the next time you shoot off fireworks, make sure any children present are standing well outside of the ignition range. By extension, after lighting a firework, you should get as far away from it as you possibly can before it ignites. Additionally, avoid placing any part of yourself directly over a firework when proceeding to light it.  

Don’t Let Kids Touch Used Fireworks

Children – and adults, for that matter – should never touch fireworks that have been ignited, as there’s always a chance that they won’t have fully ignited. Furthermore, even if a firework appears to be a dud, do not attempt to touch it or relight it, as it may only appear to be a dud. For these reasons, you’ll need to douse all used fireworks in water before proceeding to dispose of them. This is why you should always keep a steady water source – like a hose or bucket of water – on hand whenever you intend to shoot off fireworks.  

Don’t Let Kids Touch Used Fireworks

There’s no mystery as to why children are drawn to fireworks. After all, they’re loud, colorful and synonymous with fun-filled events. However, when it comes to setting off fireworks, children shouldn’t factor into the equation at all. Although they’re certainly welcome to marvel at the firework displays put on by parents and other adults, under no circumstances should they be allowed to actively participate in igniting fireworks. Furthermore, if one of your children were to get injured – or worse – as a result of your refusal to practice proper fireworks safety, you’d no doubt feel a tremendous amount of guilt. As such, every parent should make fireworks safety one of their foremost summertime priorities.

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