Five Indian Fashion Designers You Should Know

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Indian fashion is greatly known over the planet, for its royal and traditional outfits. With ancient clothing designs, indo-western fusions, the contemporary vogue is now a more refined and styled form that attracts people worldwide. The classic patterns, bright shades, the voluminous cultures when blend with other world attires evolves more great fashion fusion.

Earlier people were not that aware of keeping themselves updated with fashion in India, but yet love to shop, however today the trends are drastically changed, and people are more active and addictive towards style. They are more prone to carrying themselves updated with newest and latest. The modernity of technical advancement in India plays a vital role in shopping for fashion and accessories.  

The look for more Bollywood styles, branded party wears, the hand-picked designer collection was a dream in the past many years for the common man, but the digital world and social platforms have rapidly increased the probability of buying and selling over the internet in India. And due to this, the sense of fashion explored which gives ordinary people more chance to buy their dream costumes.

There are excellent pioneers in the Indian fashion industry who are legends designers, working with great efforts to give Indian fashion a class over international vogue market. Indin fashion today is an excellent blend of old and new, with senses and skills of creativity by many fashion designers and their teamwork. The royalty and novelty of Indian fashion globally has marked a strong impression, and if you are a great follower of Indian clothing styles, then you must know some great aesthetics fashion designers and their brands.

Five Legendary Indian Fashion Designers:

  1. Manish Malhotra:

A London born yet Mumbai-based celebrity fashion designer of India, who gives Indian vogue a class in the world of international trends. He is a know costume designer in India since 1990 and a recognized name in the sphere of Indian fashion. He not only designs for celebrity personal occasional outfits but also sketches and design for Bollywood films, Fashion shows. Manish Malhotra is remarked with excellent craftsmanship that label couture in the style of trends and traditions.

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  1. Bibhu Mohapatra:

He was keen to be a fashion designer since a very young age and even started working in same for her sister at the age of 12 years from old sarees and tablecloths at home. His love for Indian vogue is not be seen over the international fashion platform as versatile designer and craftsmanship. Bibhu was born and raised in Rourkela and studied economics in the USA, but later he twisted his career option and led his creativity to live fashion city of the western world, New York where he studied in Fashion Institute of Technology and even honored as Best Evening Wear Designer of the Year in 1997. Later he worked for big brands like Halston and J. Mendel and labeled his own brand in 2008. He even designed an eponymous outfit for the former first lady of the USA, Michelle Obama. Now he is a known name in Indian Fashion Industry.

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