Five of the Most Memorable Characters From Pirates Of The Caribbean

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Disney’s Pirates Of The Caribbean is a much-loved series of movies that has wowed audiences ever since its first instalment, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, in 2003. When assessing Disney’s catalogue of iconic movies, it’s certainly up there with the very best of them.

One aspect of the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies which won people over was the selection of memorable characters in the franchise, all of which played an integral role in making it one of Disney’s most successful franchises of all time. Of course, pirate-themed entertainment has always been in demand, with smartphone gamers accessing popular slots like Boom Pirates too, for example, but not many pirate-inspired offerings have registered the same type of success as numerous Pirates Of The Caribbean products. From Will Turner killing Davy Jones to Captain Jack Sparrow arriving in Port Royal, the characters in the franchise have helped make the movie franchise what it is today. With that in mind, let’s take a look at five of the most memorable characters from the movies.

Captain Hector Barbossa

A favourite for many, Captain Hector Barbossa played a prominent role in most of the movies as a villain who is loved and hated in equal measure. It’s in the fifth movie where Captain Hector Barbossa really wins over fans, though, as Jack Sparrow even decides to call him Hector instead of Barbossa. Played by Geoffrey Rush, his death in Dead Men Tell No Tales rocked fans. Nobody saw it coming.

Will Turner

Played by world-famous actor Orlando Bloom, Will Turner is an orphan turned blacksmith who shows dramatic growth as the movies progress. In his initial role as a blacksmith, Turner appears to be shy and fairly naive as he joins Jack Sparrow on an adventure, before eventually gaining more confidence and acclaim which sees him become the captain of his very own ship in the third film. Bloom was praised for acting in the movie, with Will Turner being a fans’ favourite.

Commodore James Norrington

A character who grew on fans of the film before making his exit in the third movie, James Norrington went on quite a transformation during the series of movies. From first appearing as an arrogant military man in Curse Of The Black Pearl to nearly drowning in rum in Dead Man’s Chest, the commodore eventually returned to his usual self after betraying the East India Trading Company in the end, before dying in a noble sacrifice in the end.

Captain Jack Sparrow

We couldn’t really leave out Captain Jack Sparrow, could we? A name associated with the movie, the sneaky pirate who plays dumb on occasions, is actually a bright spark with an odd but charming nature about him. Played by Johnny Depp, without Captain Jack Sparrow, the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise simply wouldn’t be where it is today. He plays the main part in some truly iconic scenes and utters some memorable words in specific moments. Whisper it, but Depp should have got the Oscar.

Davy Jones

In terms of CGI characters throughout the history of movies, Davy Jones is one of the most visually pleasing creations ever. Played by Bill Nighy, the actor who became widely known for his role as Billy Mack in Love Actually, Davy Jones is a likeable villain who regularly offered comical value to the movie despite also showing us his cruel side more often than not. Davy Jones was responsible for emotional torment and all-round abuse, but the overall package he put forward make him a truly memorable voice from the franchise overall. Most people warm to Davy Jones at some point.

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