Five Reasons to Visit Scotland

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Scotland is a country with a rich history and a very specific climate, and it definitely not the most popular touristic destination in the world. But this amazing country has one of the most beautiful secluded beaches with white sands, amazing views, and traces of ancient history at every turn. The air here is full of perfect scotch smells and the old stones tell about Celts and Celtic Symbols

Loch Ness

Funny, but yes, reason number one for many is still to see the Nessy. The monster of Loch Ness Lake was first seen in the 5th century and last seen in 2005. Locals seem to believe in the prehistoric monster, and despite surveys of the lake by scientists, continue to spread their macabre stories.


Fighting for the right to be the inventors of whiskey, the Scots and the Irish even spell it differently: whiskey for the drink produced in Ireland and whisky for the Scottish version. Whisky is stronger in taste, it is aged in casks for at least three years and is first drunk clean. Among the best Scottish whiskey brands are Glenfiddich and Dewar’s. 

Almost all distilleries offer guided tours with tastings. Here you learn how to tell the difference between a good whisky and a good one. The Scots know that whisky must first be drunk in its pure form according to certain rules: look, smell, taste, taste, swallow the drink, and then dilute it with ice or water. Scotch whisky differs from Irish whisky in its maturity (at least three years instead of five) and strength.


Seems like golf has always been in Scotland. Today it is considered a game of high life, but in its motherland, it is still simple and widespread. Those were shepherds who devised the idea of driving stones with sticks into holes specially dug for speed and number of strokes. When they were taken out to war, they continued to amuse themselves during long halts or ambushes, infecting those around them with their excitement. The Scots are as proud of their national sport as they are of their whiskey, which is why there are plenty of golf courses with schools around the country. 


Yes, Ghosts. With such a large amount of old castles, Scotland just can not afford not having any ghosts in them. Each castle has its special story, a special spiritual creature living in it, and a scary bloody story behind it. There is a wide choice of tours around ghost-inhabited castles. 

Heather Honey

Heather honey is highly prized by connoisseurs around the world, and in Great Britain, it is even called “the Rolls-Royce of honey. Its excellent taste captivates from the first second and you can’t stay indifferent. Its color varies from reddish-brown to dark yellow depending on the stage of crystallization. Its tart and subtly bitter taste, reminiscent of toffee, intertwines with a unique aroma and is followed by a long pronounced aftertaste. In rainy years, more nectar is produced by mountain heather, while in dry years, plants from the Scottish marshlands are the main source of nectar. Bees can work on each flower for up to seven days and end up harvesting up to 300 kilograms of honey per hectare.

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