Flying High: 5 Great Ways to Have Fun with the Whole Family

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The weather is getting nicer. You want to tear your family away from all those screens and enjoy a fun activity together. That idea alone may seem impossible. Depending on your family’s preferences, getting them to take the first few steps outdoors will inevitably be met with moans and groans. Those loathing sounds will soon turn to cheers and laughter if you find the right outdoor activity for your family. Here are some suggestions:

Family Relays and Obstacle Courses

One of relay races’ best features is how easily they can be adapted with your family in mind. Do you have a child good at math but with almost no athletic ability? Set up a relay station where the family has to do some math problems. Does the idea of running get your children’s eyes rolling? Have them race on scooters or skateboards. Just about any supplies and materials you have can be turned into relay stations or obstacles. Be creative. Sweeten the deal by allowing the winning team to pick a place for dinner or treat afterwards.

Backyard Campout

Many families love camping, but maybe your family doesn’t share that adventurous outdoor spirit. Creating a simple backyard campout evening with a small bonfire, some tents, and maybe even a few scary stories will give your family a memorable bonding experience. Shut off the wifi and get those marshmallows roasting. The best part: if a child hates the tent or it starts raining, getting back home is easy.

Make a Drone Video

Any Dronethusiast will quickly tell you how fun it is to make bird’s-eye view videos to remember experiences and share with others. Your family can take the home video to modern times by letting a drone be your cameraman. Drone technology has improved over the past few years making them more affordable and easier to fly than ever. Find a scenic location and let everyone in the family film a memorable video.

Start a Simple Garden

Maybe the idea of tending a garden all season isn’t what you had in mind for family fun. Pulling weeds and getting dirt under your fingernails isn’t exactly for your family. Try something simple. Even a small container garden can be a season-long conversation piece while encouraging appreciation of nature and a sense of responsibility. Depending on your region, adding a few sunflower seeds into the ground and making sure they are watered and fertilized will create big beautiful flowers in a couple months.

Take Sidewalk Chalk to a New Level

Bring your family’s inner creativity out into the open with this idea for liquid sidewalk chalk. A little water, cornstarch, and food coloring will have your decorated sidewalks be the envy of the neighbors. It’s also a great way to decorate for outdoor family parties or paint some obstacles for those relay races. And don’t worry, cleanup is as simple as a garden hose.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with these ideas to find what is best for your family. Even simple activities like the ones mentioned above can leave lasting memories.

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