Flying With Kids? Here Are Pro Tips For You!

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The thought of flying alone can be a stressful job in itself and when it comes to flying with kids, that is a whole new ball game! If you are a parent to whom getting on the airplane with kids seem to be a nightmare, you need not worry anymore. It is true that 6.5% of the global population is hit with aviophobia,  a lot of them are children. 

This is because you just need to have some knowledge regarding the parenting hacks that can take the stress out and make the flight comfortable for yourself as well as your kid. So without much delay, here we go.

Tips that you need to take care of:

Early boarding is bliss for parents

If you are a frequent traveler but want to travel with your kids, then it is always a recommended thing that you go for early boarding because it is advantageous and you get to board the flight before anyone else. Your kids will always be there to throw a tantrum. Also, you will be able to book the overhead compartments with your luggage faster so that you do not have to struggle for space later on. Think of it as a benefit and not as a hassle to travel with kids because the airline cabin crew will always take extra care of you and your kid!

Source- CNN

Try to make friends 

As silly as it might sound, it is always a good option to make friends with the other parents on the flight so that you can be allies and in case of some problem, you can handle the situation together. Start immediate engaging conversations with the other person on the flight and start asking questions about their kid. Once they start the conversation, you can also ask regarding some of the cool parenting hacks from them if they seem to be more experienced than you are. Also in case you have missed out on some essentials like wet tissue and baby wipes, you can always ask for it from them and they would be more than glad to help. Also, there is a high chance that making a similar friend will save you from feeling the odd one out. 

Chat with the air hostess

If your kid is less than two years old, then you should be prepared for all kinds of circumstances which is the reason why you should have a chat with the flight attendant. Have a specific one on one conversation with her regarding the habits that your kids have and the requirements that you might have on the way, This will make sure that you get the best tips regarding the kind of assistance that your kid might need and you will feel a lot relaxed with their help. They will also be able to keep your child engaged and hold your baby whenever you are going to the washroom. 


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Keep child activities ready

It is an obvious thing that your kid will feel bored during the entire flight session and that is the reason why you need to bring a number of activities so that they can remain engaged. Try to bring a number of things like DVDs, iPods, iPad, Nintendo DS, coloring books, sticker books, crayons as well as stuffed animals. You will see that even in a long flight, your kid will not have the time to irritate you or the others and by the time he or she is done with the stuff, they will be too tired and you can easily tuck them to sleep. We know it can make your bags a little bit heavy, but then you have to do it if you want to calm your child. 

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Try to take some snacks with you

It is a true fact that the sandwich or any food for that matter is not suitable for the kids and they hardly like it. That is why you need to bring along some snacks for your kid so that they can have their fill whenever they are hungry. Make sure that it is a snack of their choice otherwise they might start getting fussy. If you want them to eat healthily, then you can grab some packs of air fried chips as well as granola bars. To indulge in their sweet tooth you can also give them gummy bears which they can munch on. 

Be ready for a stroll- anytime

NO, we are not kidding. Whenever your kid is fussy the first solution that you can have is to take them for a walk. But in mid-flight that can be a problem because there is hardly any space and the flight attendants might come anytime with their strollers. That is why you need to be very careful while talking to them for a walk and be ready to apologize- no shame in that! Do not be mindful of the glances that you get from the other passengers- because let’s be honest- being a parent is no joke and all you care about is your kid. 

Create segmentation of roles

Let us suppose that you and your spouse are traveling on a plane with your kids. Then for one part of the flight, you handle the kid while your better half can have a good time with the fellow passengers and keep on munching. And when you are tired, you can switch places. This will make sure that both of you are not feeling frustrated and tired at the same time and the kids can have a  fill of both the parents. Do not be the kind of couple who try to handle the kids together and end up being tired together only to cause a ruckus on the flight. 

Check the flight details before booking

When you are traveling with kids, you need to be extra careful. You cannot choose any flight service that is not up to the mark and regret later. Now let us suppose that you are traveling to Canada and you have chosen Air Canada. You have to check the correct info and take care of the Air Canada Baggage Limit and see the kind of charges that you need to pay beyond the same. It is always a good option to be prepared and if need be, pack light for yourself and your spouse and let the baggage be heavy for the kids. 

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No matter how much care you take, they will complain

After all, they are kids and they are supposed to complain about every trivial issue. If they are flying for the very first time then they would complain about their ears hurting. In that case, bring along some headphones with you so that they do not feel the pain and they can listen to music when the flight is taking off or landing. And whenever your kid is being fussy asking about how long will it be before you land, just lie to them that it is going to be half an hour long even if you are going to land after 3 hours. That will keep them calm. 

Being a parent is no joke- and especially when you are taking them on flights. Next time onwards, just take care of the aforementioned tips and you will be good to go! 

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