For My Beloved Fitness Freak: 8 Awesome Health Gifts To Get Your Health-Conscious Hubby

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When you’re married to a health nut, it’s easy to find the perfect gift: health gifts! He takes his health seriously, and these gifts show you do too!

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Whether bae is a runner, a weightlifter, or a health-conscious foodie, he’ll be sure to love these gifts.

  1. A Do-It-All Laptop Gym Bag

If your partner spends as much time living out of his bag as he does at the gym, he’ll love this do it all laptop gym bag. There’s room for his work gear, gym gear, extra protein-rich snacks, and a love note or two, all in a sleek, stylish bag.

The backpack is easier on your back and shoulders to carry so that you can load it down with everything you need. On top of that, the straps have extra padding so that you’re never sore, or at least more sore than usual. 

These backpacks come loaded with pockets for every necessity. The bag has a separate compartment to keep sweaty gym shoes away from work shirts. Look for one with a lifetime warranty so that your health-nut can use this gift for a lifetime.

  1. FreshWorks Produce Saver Tupperware

Sure, Tupperware doesn’t seem that romantic, right? It’s romantic when your chocolate-covered strawberries are still good two weeks later! These Tupperware containers are amazing at keeping produce fresh.

They’re specifically designed to keep produce fresh for weeks. Next time hubby sees a great sale on produce, he can stock up and have healthy, fresh snacks within reach for weeks.

On top of that, these containers will help you cut back on throwing out wasted food, which saves money too! Financially smart moves are always sexy.

  1. Aerogarden

Does your health nut love to add fresh herbs to his dishes? The aerogarden makes that practical and easy. Grow fresh herbs right on your kitchen counter with the aerogarden. 

This sleek garden sits on your counter and grows fresh herbs almost effortlessly. The intelligent design lets you know when you need to add water, and herbs grow in a mess-free environment.

On top of all that, the herbs add a stylish pop of greenery to your kitchen counter. You can pluck the herbs right as you need them for the freshest taste and most nutrients possible.

  1. A Kombucha Brewing Kit

Kombucha is a fermented tea full of healthy nutrients and probiotics. It’s taking the world by force. If your lover loves kombucha tea, help him make his own with a kombucha brewing kit.

Kits run about $50, but after about 16 glasses, you’re saving money over buying kombucha from the store.

Plus, you’ll know your hubby is safely brewing kombucha. There’s no chance he’ll poison anyone, which is always a win.

  1. Adjustable Dumbbells

Does your at-home-gym need a set of dumbbells? Traditionally, a full set of dumbbells can cost $400 or even more! Adjustable dumbbells are half the cost or even less!

If your hubby is a bodybuilder type, he’ll love and cherish this gift and use it regularly. Here are more ideas for gifts for bodybuilders.

  1. New Workout Gear

For those into fitness, there’s no such thing as too much workout gear. There’s always room in the closet for more.

How can you make workout gear more special than a pair of sweats and a workout t-shirt?

Consider getting something monogrammed. You can also get something that reflects his other hobbies and passions. Is he a die-hard sports fan? Get something that represents his favorite team, like workout clothes in that team’s colors.

You can also ask him if there’s any special gear he needs. He may need new shoes or lifting gloves.

Finally, you can get him gear that also lines up with his passions. Check out these ethically sourced workout clothes. He’ll love knowing you support what’s important to him.

  1. Healthy Snack Box Subscription

Look, there’s never enough snacks, and there are even fewer healthy snacks. So get your bae a snack box subscription service.

There are a ton of different snack box options for different diet preferences. You can get vegan snack boxes, boxes high in protein, and much more. You can even get boxes of popular snacks from foreign countries.

The list is almost endless.

Look at a couple of different subscriptions and see if any sound like something hubby would enjoy. When he gets a box every month, it’s like it’s his birthday all over again! What’s cooler than that?

  1. A Journal

If your healthy boo doesn’t already have a journal, encourage him to get one. There are a lot of health benefits associated with keeping a journal. It relieves stress and anxiety, it can help him focus, it can help him work out problems.

Keeping a regular gratitude journal can ease depression and make people feel happier.

Some journals help you organize your goals and ambitions, while others act as a brain dump. A journal can also be used as a weekly planner.

You know your husband best, so do some research about the different journals on the market. Pick one you think he’ll like best, and add a love note of encouragement to the inside cover. He’ll appreciate it for years to come.

These Fitness and Health Gifts are Great for Your Health-Conscious Lover

No matter bae’s interests, these fitness and health gifts are sure to make your partner’s day. To make the gift extra special, include a love letter, and let him know how happy you are that he’s in your life.

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