Four Easy Ways to Keep Your Family Safer at Home

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Keeping your family safe is a priority. So, many of you will have no doubt spent a lot of money on things like installing a proper security system and fencing off your pool. But, are you perhaps still missing a trick or two? Maybe, read on to find out about four easy ways you can keep your family even safer.

Put up some signage

Simply putting up a few signs could deter criminals and scammers as well as reduce the chances of accidents. You can buy a huge range of good quality, yet inexpensive signs from this website. No soliciting, loitering or trespassing signs really do put scammers off. In some states, if they ring the bell of a property that has one of these signs they are actually breaking the law. It is not worth their risking your calling the police. So, most of the time, they will leave you alone.

CCTV signs are also a good deterrent. A study carried out by UNC Charlotte of Criminal Justice, shows that 60% of burglars pause and look for cameras before proceeding. This research is particularly valuable because this information was gleaned during interviews with convicted house breakers. If they admit cameras put them off you can bet that they are effective. So, putting up a sign to let them know you have them will usually mean they immediately move on to investigate another target.

No running signs by the pool, beware of the dog signs and mind your head signs can all help to reduce accidents, in the home.

Install good outdoor lighting

Lighting up the outside of your home will normally deter would-be burglars. They will also keep you safer in other ways.

A security light at the end of the drive that comes on when you pull onto it at night or path lights will greatly reduce the risk of trips and falls. Putting up one to light up your front door will enable you to see what you are doing. In addition you will be able to see exactly who is at the door. Considering the importance of a well-lit exterior for home safety, get in touch with Blingle to expertly install outdoor lighting to ensure a secure and well-illuminated living space for you and your family.

Buy a carbon monoxide monitor

In the United States between 20 and 30,000 people suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning, usually, in the home. Around 500 of those people die.

So, it is worth taking about 15 minutes out of your day to install a couple of carbon monoxide monitors. You use the advice you can find on the websites of insurance, consumer and energy providers to work out how many you will need to install.

Stick down your rugs

A study carried out by the National Center for Injury Prevention & Control, in the USA revealed that every year around 38,000 adults hurt themselves tripping over in their own homes. Usually, loose rugs and worn carpets are to blame.

Where possible, remove rugs from your home. If you do not want to do that make sure that you stick the edges down or give it something to cling to. Laying rubber coated shelf liner under a rug will usually work. The rubber will normally stay in place even on a tiled or wooden floor. So, when you lay the rug in place it will not move.

However, you need to be aware that even after you stick a rug down it can still represent a trip hazard. Studies show that any change in the texture, color or height of flooring material heightens the risk of people mis-stepping and taking a tumble.

None of the above suggestions are expensive or time-consuming to implement. So, why not take the time to follow the above advice.

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