Four Hacks For Improving Your Productivity in the Post-COVID World

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Vaccine distribution has been an ongoing success in most parts of the country. What that means is that sooner or later, we may have to change the way we live again. Although remote work seems here to stay, some people may have to return back to the office.

However, one thing at the top of many people’s minds is whether a shift in lifestyle will affect productivity. In this article, we look at a number of ways you can maintain your productivity in the post-covid world: 

Wean yourself into the process

A significant change in lifestyle can induce higher stress levels. We saw this happen with the covid-19 lockdowns, where higher numbers of people reported feeling stressed. Stress is one of the biggest killers of productivity.

To avoid this, try to wean yourself back into the open world. For instance, if you have to go back to the office, negotiate for a mixed-return period e.g. 3 days at the office, 2 working from home. A gradual return to work may help you adapt slowly to the commute time and lifestyle change.

Manage your expectations

Managing your expectations during times of change is important. It’s easy to think that things return to normal after the pandemic is over. For most people, we will be met with subtle changes to our routines and workflow.

To deal with this, allow for some more flexibility with your expectations of both yourself and others. For instance, give yourself longer deadlines to accommodate unseen factors. You should also do the same for your colleagues who will be facing similar changes.

Outsource home chores

Let’s face it, being home gave most of us the time to do many tasks that we ordinarily would not have been able to do. As we return back to regular work schedules, and higher productivity expectations, there might be some temptation to keep doing those chores. Don’t take the bait.

Even a slight change in lifestyle can result in higher stress levels, and that is something you want to avoid for your productivity. Hiring a maid or someone to help with chores around the house can help you free up some time to take on other responsibilities. There are always professional agencies you can hire from, like this cedar park, tx cleaning company.

Declutter your engagements

After being indoors for so long, it can be tempting to get so much done now that we’re entering the post-pandemic phase. It’s okay to turn down your neighbor’s dinner invite or cancel that fellowship conference you were asked to attend. 

Taking on only a few engagements per time allows us to be more productive with each one. It also allows our brains more recovery time between activities.

Finally, as we welcome the post-pandemic period, we must also acknowledge that it will change our lives in new ways. If you want to keep your productivity at an optimal level, it is important to pace yourself and take every day as it comes. 

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