Full Mouth Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Restoration Explained

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These are dental-related terms which generally refer to the process of normalizing your dental power after experiencing loss or deformation of your teeth, thereby affecting your other oral components as well the functionality of these structures. These terms are better understood when each is explained separately.

Full mouth reconstruction refers to the process of performing certain dental restoring procedures to harmonize the normal functioning of different oral structures which include the teeth, the gum and the jawbone. It should, be noted that when one of them is dysfunctional, it affects the performance of others as well. Therefore, full mouth reconstruction is carried out when one has lost some or all of their teeth. This tooth loss could be due to decay or gum disease or wear and tear of the teeth due to unfavorable eating habits. Other reasons for tooth loss could include teeth grinding, which can cause persistent pain in the jaws and even headache. The whole process is preceded by a comprehensive examination by the dentist in Tallahassee to detect the problem and the best treatment option for you. He makes a general analysis of your structures and recommends the type of treatment you need.

Full mouth rehabilitation concerns the dental attention given to patients who have experienced significant dental or general oral issues. These may involve health problems that have affected the teeth, gum, jawbones and muscles. It may also be carried out for the purpose of general aesthetic improvements. When the detailed examination is carried out, then the doctor will recommend a customized treatment plan basing on the general dental examination results. This should be done to detail and enhance the utmost functionality and aesthetic state of the general oral structure. Some people just neglect to get attention from dentists for check-ups, and as a result, accumulate a number of dental problems that lead them to lose all their teeth or acquire any other dental complexities. This will then require them to undergo full mouth rehabilitation.

Full mouth restoration is the process of giving your mouth a face-lift by replacing all the teeth that were lost. These are mainly the teeth which have been misshaped, decayed, broken, cracked or chipped, lost, worn down or generally damaged in any way. You cannot even smile confidently and beautifully any longer. All you need is a full mouth restoration. This may involve treatments such as root canal therapy, dental implants, mini-implants, crowns, veneers, fillings, dentures and any other restorative treatments as your dentist will deem fit for you. There are many treatments available. The Glenlake Dental Care website provides more detail regarding some of these treatments.

All the above dental treatment procedures are aimed at giving a patient the best dental condition which enables them to bite and chew comfortably, speak well, have better gum health, a pain-free jawbone, enhance permanent protection of the teeth from more problems, promote self-esteem and most importantly be able to enjoy the beauty and mind-health that are derived from laughter and smiling. Enjoy good dental health by regularly going for check-ups, and don’t hesitate to undertake any of the above when the need arises.

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