Full-Time RVing as Parents: How Hard is it?

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The nomadic lifestyle of RV families has its ups and downs, but being a full-time RV parent is an exciting and fulfilling journey. About 11 million families across the United States own an RV, but only a small percentage are RV families full-time. However, more and more people realize the advantages of a nomadic lifestyle.

Every day is a new adventure, and we never get sick of one place because we can just drive on to the next. Raising our kids in an RV, such as the keystone laredo 285sbh, allows us to teach them lessons they can’t learn at school. They get to explore the world with us and constantly meet new people along the way.

I’m going to share some of my best tips for RV with kids full-time, as well as our highlights and struggles. Maybe this will inspire you to become a full-time RV family. 

Here’s what you should know

To live in an RV full time, you need to have a legal mailing address where you can get all your mail. Additionally, you need to pay taxes to a state (in the US). So, even as you move around, you still have to pay your taxes. There are different services available that will forward your mail around the country for a monthly fee.

Living in an RV requires you to downgrade and get on board with a minimalist lifestyle. Depending on the size of your family, you’ll need to figure out how to keep everyone’s stuff to a bare minimum. It takes some time to adjust to a small living space in your RV, but once you all get settled, it’s easy to develop routines and respect each others’ space. 

If you enjoy traveling, exploring, and learning on the go, then the RV lifestyle is for you. People tend to misjudge our lifestyle. They think the van life makes you a hippy, or lonely, or poor. But, it’s not that hard if you learn to think positively and buy and RV with a great setup and equipped with the amenities you need. 

Education for the Children

The one thing that holds couples back from becoming full-time Rvers is the dilemma of children’s education. They wonder,

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