6 Fun Activities That’ll Entertain Your Kids Outside of School

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Most parents are in the same boat right now – trying to figure out how to entertain AND teach their kids at home. Schools are out of session, but childrens’ minds and energy haven’t gone anywhere. However, there’s no need to worry as there are numerous affordable ways to keep your children occupied and stimulated right within the comfort of your own home. Here are a few enjoyable ideas to consider, bringing the essence of a summer camp experience to your home!

1) Art

Children love to let their imaginations run wild, and there’s no better way for them to express that than through art. First you need to figure out what kind of art your children would like to create, whether that be painting, drawing, sculpting, or anything in between.

If you’re not personally artistically inclined, there are plenty of online tutorials to help your little ones create exciting projects, like this Alcohol Ink Guide, for example! Art supplies can be easily found online and delivery can be contact free, meaning you can uphold social distancing practices while getting the tools you need.

2) Baking

Baked goods are delicious, there’s no denying it! Why not teach your children how to make their own? You can make this as healthy or indulgent as you like. This is a far reaching activity with many options, so you can make plenty of different baked goods of both sweet and savory variations.

This is an activity most kids will love because they’ll get to lick the spoon and proudly taste their delicious final product. It’s a productive and fun way for children to pass time and learn a new skill.

3) Gardening

Gardening is known to be therapeutic and have a positive impact on mental health. If you have access to a garden, why not make the most of it? Let your kids pick out some seeds, order them and any other necessary supplies needed (compost, pots, etc), and get planting!

This activity can teach your children responsibility because in order for the plants to grow, they will have to water and nurture them accordingly.

Top tip: planting some vegetables is a good idea at the moment as it means you know you’re getting fresh, pesticide free produce, and it’s always accessible if it’s growing right in your garden!

4) Crafts

Kids need a way to express their creativity, and if standard art like painting and drawing isn’t up their alley, why not give crafts a try? You can create projects together out of items found around the house. For example, old buttons, toilet roll tubes, string, and a bit of glue is enough to create something fun.

You can use solely household items, other materials you’ve found online, or combine them all for a super entertaining day of crafting. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what they can create, and if you’re stuck for ideas there are plenty of online crafting tutorials.

5) Reading

Something kids would be doing a lot more of right now if school was still in session is reading. Find some books appropriate for their reading level and leave them to have some quiet reading time or read aloud together.

Either way, reading should always be a part of a growing child’s life, and if the book is a good one it could keep them hooked for hours! Hooray – a break for you!

6) Creative Writing

If your kids have been reading lots of interesting stories they may end up wanting to write their own.

This is a great form of expression that should be highly encouraged. It’s a super productive way to spend time and is likely similar to a school assignment, but with less boundaries and without the pressure of grades.

Help them choose some topic ideas for their story and see what they come up with. They’ll love getting to create their own little world!

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