7 Fun Activities to do this Winter

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Winter is well and truly on its way. The nights are drawing in, and frosty mornings are here to stay, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun this season!

Fun Activities to do this Winter

While you might want to stay snuggled up on your sofa, there are plenty of things for you to see and do in your local area and beyond. Whether you want to discover new places, stay cosy with a crafternoon or see if you have what it takes to make your escape, there’s plenty for everyone to do this winter.

Need some extra inspo? Here are 7 fun activities to do this winter:

Get your skates on!

Whether you want to fly solo, have a special date night or take the whole family with you, there’s no better way to embrace the winter months than to try your hand at ice skating. What’s more, it’s the perfect way to keep your blood pumping and learn a new skill!

As well as taking advantage of your local rink, cities up and down the country host magical, outdoor ice skating rink experiences. From pirouetting outside the National History Museum in London to testing your mettle at Bristol’s Cribbs Causeway, enchant your loved ones this winter on an ice skating adventure.

Try an Escape Room

7 Fun Activities to do this Winter

The Escape Room hype is real. Racing against the clock, you and your team have to uncover secret government plots, pull off a train heist, put a stop to 1920s illicit gambling rings, and more to ultimately solve the case, all within 60 minutes.

Think of it as an hour-long adventure with your friends, family or your work colleagues. The catch? You have to band together and solve a series of puzzles, crack codes and make your escape to complete your mission.

Immersive, challenging and possibly the most fun you can in an hour, this is perhaps one of the most unique experiences money can buy. Whether you want to impress on a first date or want to reconnect with your loved ones, this Crystal Maze-esque experience is what you’ve been waiting for!

With games popping up all over the country, from Aberdeen to Escape Rooms in Southampton, there’s never been a better time to make your escape!

Host a crafternoon

For the creative minds, the sewing queens and anyone with a love for all things craft, what better way to spend a wintery afternoon than host a crafternoon. From wreath-making to crochet bunting, handcrafted cards, decorations and more, there are plenty of crafting ideas to pique your interest!

Get your guests to bring their own craft supplies to share so that you have a wider variety of things to choose from. Better yet, go out for a morning foraging party in your local woodland, and collect pinecones, evergreen branches, holly leaves, and more to source the most natural materials this winter.

Write to Santa Claus

There’s nothing more magical than getting your children to write a letter to the big man himself, Santa Claus. Whether you invest in some sparkly pens, snazzy paper and get creative with your stamps, watch your little one’s eyes light up as they think about their Christmas list this year.

Keep an eye out for local shops and garden centres ‘Send A Letter to Santa’ postboxes. Some of them may even write and deliver a personalised letter back to your child for a small fee. Magic!

Take a hike!

While the temptation is to stay bundled up in our homes, getting out into the fresh air will lift your spirits, despite the falling temperatures outside. So grab your boots, layer up and have a wander round the woods.

Make sure you check the weather before you set off, and fill a flask with your fave beverage!

If you have children in tow, plan a winter scavenger hunt. Look out for wildlife, certain plants or trees, local landmarks and more to keep little minds active along the way.

Sit back and relax with a movie

The pandemic has undeniably hit the film industry. Productions have had to stick to safety measures and protocols, which has ultimately pushed back anticipated releases and left cinemas with empty auditoriums.

But, the magic of the movies lives on!

Perfect for a rainy weekend or when you simply want to stay out of the cold, the cinema is a fine event for the whole family to enjoy. With the latest blockbusters and array of indie films finally making their way back onto the big screen, it’s time to buckle up for your next adventure!

If you don’t fancy going out, why not enjoy a movie marathon with your loved ones. Choose from some of the best Christmas classics such as Die Hard, Home Alone, Elf and more, to get you all into the festive mood.

Don’t forget the snacks! From delicious brownie bites to popcorn delights, make sure you get a slice of the nostalgic foodie action from the comfort of your seat.

Embrace board games

It’s time to switch off all your devices and gather round a classic board game this winter. Perfect for those bleak and dreary nights, you can go head to head with the whole family or your friends in your next board game extravaganza!

Whether you go old school and play Monopoly, Cluedo, Risk or Settlers of Catan, or embrace a modern classic such as King of Tokyo, Memoir 44 or Ticket to Ride, you can have a night to remember with the whole gang.

If you don’t fancy cuddling up around a board, why not host a festive quiz night, try your hand at Cards Against Humanity or give the retro classic Taboo a try?

With the cold setting in and your natural want to hibernate, the winter months can be a trying time. So keep active this season. Try something new, exciting and unique. Whether that means going head to head with your friends in an Escape Room or cosying up for a crafternoon, there’s something for everyone this winter to enjoy!

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