A Fun Adventure with Schleich’s Giraffes and African Elephants

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Schleich's Big Adventure at the Water Hole - Giraffe Family and Elephant Family | Optimistic Mommy

Do your children love animals as much as my daughter does? Riley is obsessed with anything that has to do with animals. She was so excited when we received these giraffe and elephant families from Schleich. She already loves her Schleich Horse Club items, so I knew she would love these items.

Schleich was founded in 1935, and since the 1950’s they have been bringing figurines to life. In the 1980’s they brought animal figurines to their famous figurine line, including Snoopy, the Smurfs, and the Muppet Show. For their animal line, you can find animals from dinosaurs to domestic and wild animals of our present day. They even have play words that include the Wild West and fantasy realms of medieval knights and elves. There is sure to be a line of figurines that your child will love!

Riley With Schleich African Elephants and GiraffesCheck out our unboxing of the African elephants and giraffe families figurines, and watch Riley interacting with them!

Schleich's Big Adventure at the Water Hole - Giraffe Family and Elephant Family | Optimistic MommySchleich’s figures are my favorite because they are highly detailed and are hand painted, not to mention made out of high-quality plastic. Giraffes are my favorite animal, so I was so excited to see these in our box. You get a female, male and giraffe calf.
Schleich's Big Adventure at the Water Hole - Giraffe Family and Elephant Family | Optimistic MommyAlso included in our box was an elephant family! These are such cute figurines – I love the hand painted details that are on each one. The eye for detail is just amazing. There is an African elephant female, African elephant male, and an African elephant calf.

Fun fact: Did you know that African Elephants are the largest land animals in existence right now? A fully grown bull can get as big as a house and as large as a truck! Wow!

Schleich figurines are beautiful and fun – perfect for kids! They would make a great birthday or holiday gift for the kids in your life.

A Fun Adventure with Schleich's Giraffes and African Elephants | Optimistic Mommy

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  1. Brandi Dawn says

    My kid lives collecting these too. They are so details and very sturdy. So she can play with them and they dont wear out.

  2. These are really beautiful figures of animals and I even would love to have some of these in my home. They are so adorable and my niece would love to look at these and check them out!

  3. My grandsons are obsessed with Schleich animal figurines! They love to play with them and would be thrilled to add these to their collection!

  4. These animals look realistic and high quality

  5. James Robert says

    These would even be nice for display. They look high quality.

  6. Melissa Storms says

    Scheiich has the best collectibles, we like the fantasy figures.

  7. My son LOVED animal figures when he was little. Honestly I don’t know if they were Scheiich but the craftsmanship looked familiar.

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